ITV considering exclusive pay-per-view online content

29 September 2010


ITV’s programming is second to none isn’t it? There’s The Michael Ball Show, Jeremy Kyle, Ladette To Lady and the early morning soporific sight of Daybreak to name just four. All truly amazing stuff.

But what if ITV made even more programming, bunged it exclusively online and then charged us to watch it? How gob-smackingly amazing that would be. Well, according to head ITV honcho Adam Crozier, it’s a distinct possibility.

The big idea that he announced at the Royal Television Society international conference in London this week was to put alternative Coronation Street endings online and charge viewers to watch them. The fact that Corrie is an ongoing soap and therefore has no ‘endings’ might be something that Adam might want to think about.

Another thing of course is that, well, it’s a pretty shit idea. Once we’ve seen that Ken Barlow has been discovered by Tyrone while having it off with Janice Battersby in Jack Duckworth’s old pigeon loft, we don’t want to pay to see an alternative version where Tyrone shrugs his shoulders and joins in.

We’re stumped with this one so can any of you think of anything ITV-related that would be worth forking out for to see online?

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  • Marky M.
    Ah but what if it was all in 3D? Changed your mind now, eh? Hmm? Well?
  • PaulH
    Who's Jereny Kyle?
  • PaulH
    Don't ITV hold the rights for some Champions League matches?
  • Jack T.
    Just give ITV a cut of the licence fee instead. Typical non-article from the guardian - the BBC's biggest fan.
  • Phil
    Whats ITV?
  • Andy
    @PaulH - maybe they could air alternative endings to Champions League matches as well??
  • zleet
    @Jack of no Trades Why would you want to reward ITV for doing badly by flushing millions down the shitty hole of reality drek and in the process harm the BBC which through sales of it's content abroad is actually giving us almost double the value for our licence fee?
  • oliverreed
    @zleet the BBC suck balls as well and given the option I'd happily have my license fee back and their content be unavailable to me. There's a huge amount of bureaucracy and costs involved in just collecting the fee, should Fuck the whole thing off, imagine the look on Mr Moyles face then - it would be worth it!
  • Jeff
    The whole point of pay per view is you pay to watch something you want to watch. The only thing I have watched on ITV in the past 2 weeks is the used car raod show and that was a repeat. Their revenue would be zero. There is a reason that less and less people are watching ITV and it's not just down to competition. The programmes they show are crap and the adverts are too invasive. That's why Lovefilm is successful and DVD/Blueray sales have gone up while viewing figures have gone down.
  • The B.
    People watch ITV? Who knew?
  • Jack T.
    @zleet The content of ITV harms the BBC? The BBC gets taxpayer money no matter what it does (as long as it supports Labour). What planet are you on? Or what are you on? 'the BBC which through sales of it’s content abroad is actually giving us almost double the value for our licence fee'. So it sells it's content for £3.6 BILLLION every year then? In that case they can pay me back my licence fee. Get back to writing your script for the BBC and leave everyone alone you dumb lying fuckwit.
  • tin
    LOL BBC supports Labour, that's amusing...
  • Yawn
    I suppose everyone thinks that if the BBC wasn't funded by the license then we wouldn't have to pay to watch TV? If you fund the BBC by other means (advertising) then we'll just end up paying the fee to the government. At least with the TV license you know it's going on what is supposed to be for, does all the "road fund license" pay for roads? Does all your national insurance pay for health-care? I'm not exactly a massive fan of the BBC but it's no worse than anything else.
  • chris
    Pay per view ? I won't watch this crap When it's free.
  • dunfyboy
    They've got 4 channels broadcasting 24/7/ That's 672 hours of shite telly a week, minus the odd footy game and of course TV Burp when it comes back. And that's when it's free. ITV should pay me to watch their crap programmes.
  • zleet
    @Jack of no trades Wow, how did you guess I was writing a script? It's about this absolute twat called 'Jack of no trades' who gets really angry on blogs with rambling incoherent arguments.
  • zleet a.

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