Israeli Hacker Forgot to Cover His Face Withdrawing Cash

The US has indicted Israeli hacker Ehud 'The Analyzer' Tenenbaum over allegations that he hacked into financial institutions.

Here are the indictment charges (in PDF).

Tenenbaum is a pretty smart cookie; he even escaped extradition in 1998 after hacking into the Pentagon. He was recently arrested after stealing US $1.7 million from Direct Cash, a pre-paid debit card service.

How?  He was caught on camera.

According to Wired, "Tenenbaum and people associated with him were caught on ATM video cameras withdrawing some of the cash."

Not that I advocate fraud, but how a worldwide hacker phenomenon who managed to inject code into a secured financial MySQL server to withdraw over $1 million dollars forgets to put on a face mask when withdrawing money... that's just appalling.

But no fret.  Your money may still not be safe. Online identity firm Garlik and criminologists said that plenty of other people are turning to financial crime due to the worsening economic climate.

With online financial fraud growing by nearly 20% to 250,000 incidents in 2007, compared with 207,000 in 2006 [Computer Weekly], I'm sure the sale of ski masks will be on the uprise this quarter.


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