Is this what Instagram adverts will look like?

25 October 2013

Since Facebook took control of Instagram, it was clear that, at some point, the photo-sharing app was going to have to earn its keep. It didn't take long for an announcement about adverts appearing on people's timelines of sunsets, dead-eyed cats and dreary vistas of nights out.

instagram-ad Ads will begin appearing in users' feeds this week and in a blog post, showed what they'll look like. They picked two artsy-fartsy ads, but you can imagine ones for penis growth pills and weight-loss regimes won't be nearly as tasteful. That said, IG will be hand-picking the early advertisers, with Levi's and Ben & Jerry's first in the queue.

The main difference is that these commercials and normal photos is that, in the right corner, users will have a blue arrow icon and the word "sponsored", just so you don't get confused. You'll be able to tell IG to hide it or tell them why you don't like a given ad.

Is this all a bit intrusive, or is it a fair trade-off for a free service?


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  • Joulupukki
    "Hey! Facebook beheading fans! Buy one axe get another absolutely FREE at MegaHomeImprovementsRUs this weekend only! Visit your local superstore and shout "Allah Akbar" to claim yours!" Zuckerberg, you really are a total bastard.

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