Is the sun about to set on The Sun and News of the World?

Bitterwallet - The SunDoes anybody read The Times anymore? In print, perhaps, but online? Whenever we spot a link to an article on The Times website, we move on and look for an alternative source. And nobody misses it, not really; since News International raised a paywall around both The Times and Sunday Times in early June, all content has been removed from direct access and is no longer indexed by Google.

Instead, you have to pay for a subscription - to the online paper, the iPad app or the dead wood version - or buy it down the paper shop as usual.

The paper's market share nosedived when the paywall went up, but only Rupert Murdoch and his management team know exactly how their revenues are fairing now. 'Not too badly' might be the verdict, because News International are reported to be pressing ahead with the paywall for both The Sun and The News of the World. According to New Media Age (who have also put their article behind a paywall, so we'll have to link to The Next Web's article instead), both newspapers will effectively disappear from causal internet browsing in October.

It's unlikely there'll be many lamenting the loss of either paper, but it'll be interesting to see whether consumers will stump up for online subscriptions; wheras the broadsheets are very much badges to be worn by their readers, if you can't get The Sun online, will anyone think twice about heading for The Mirror's website? Or Heat? One roll of shit paper's the same as the next, surely?


  • PokeHerPete
    What? I will have to pay for poorly researched, untrue and exaggerated 'news'?
  • Paul S.
    Nope, you'll still be able to get that here, Pete.
  • Jonny S.
    Ah that's ok. You just need to put photo's of women with their tits out now!
  • Paul
    I'm always willing to pay for high-quality, well-reseached journalism. Which is why I don't buy The Sun.
  • Gob
    Does this include!!!???
  • The B.
    I get the Times on Saturday and Sunday and read the Metro during the week, never read either on-line because both of their websites are shit poor (I've gone one up from piss poor) in terms of layout, I've seen BBC micro sites with more flair.
  • Brad
    This could be the best news ive ever heard! If anyone ever posted a link to either of them as 'point maker' you laugh right in their face and tell them to fuck off.
  • THE S.
    Hi, my name is Brian (NOT the STIG). Why has Ca-moron got blood on his face?
  • zleet
    I can maybe understand The Times being behind a paywall as i'm sure people who read it probably get off on the sense of exclusivity and feel it's worth it to feel superior. Seriously though, The Sun? Do Sun readers even know how to use computers? Will the login process be smashing the keyboard with a rock or screaming racism and spittle at the screen? Hmmm....Bet the internet will seem a little less bigoted once they fence all that bile in.

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