Is the Coin card the answer to our wallet troubles?

15 November 2013

Heard of Coin? Some bright spark has come up with a novel solution to having too many cards in your wallet. You add all your cards onto a single Coin card with a phone app and with a little button on the Coin card itself, you choose which card you want to use.

It looks like a good thing, but of course, if it gets stolen, that's someone running off with all your cards at the same time (and the smartphone alarm that tells you it is too far away from you going mad in your pocket while you work out which one to cancel first).

Anyway, have a look at it here.

Good idea? Bad idea? You can pre-order a Coin card here.

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  • Reader
    Good enough of an idea to make money but only due to the number of ignorant people that would use it.
  • Chiggers
    There's not much point "pre-ordering" one - it doesn't work with 'chip & pin' cards. Which is pretty much the only type of card you can get in the UK.
  • Noghar
    In the video the blokes hands his cad over to a waiter who walks away with it. Precisely what you're not supposed to do with your cards because that's how they end up getting skimmed and cloned. I don't know how the US card industry manages to absorb the massive losses they make each year from card fraud, but I don't suppose this is going to help. Instead of 'Coin' it should be called 'Basket' as in 'Putting all Your Eggs in One'. (PS that last sentence of the article, the one in brackets? I've read it four times now and I still can't make head nor tail of it.)
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    Yeah, useless in the EU and anywhere that uses c&p.
  • fra
    Dumb ass American solution for dumb ass American swipe only cards...apart from that I found it pretty cool...Now if you could remotely wipe it when it wasn't near your phone then that would solve the security issue...or have it linked to your phone so it could only be used when you had your phone with you then that would be very useful...and a bit more secure then a regular card.
  • Mike O.
    Or put a password on it even.

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