Is the Amazon Android App Store open to UK users?

22 September 2011

android_appsThe muttered about Amazon Android App Store may well be open to UK users despite no official word from Amazon themselves.

It certainly seems that the whole project is very close to being unveiled properly to everyone as a number of British-based users are already claiming that they can download apps from the site.

Thus far, the Android Market alternative has only been in the USofA but now it seems that UK users - as well as those in the Netherlands, India and Australia - are saying that they've been merrily downloading stuff from Amazon.

There's been no update to the Amazon UK site and non-American users have been downloading apps via, so the whole thing is a bit of a head-scratcher, especially given that most UK users will still find that geographical restrictions will still be in place if you're trying to download apps.

One neat thing about the Amazon Android market is that it offers users the opportunity to test-drive apps on their PC before downloading to their handset.

However, most of us will still have to wait. Have you managed to access the Amazon Android Market yet?


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  • Phil
    Saw this rumour yesterday and rushed to try it. No luck - still forgetting the rest of the world exists then amazon???
  • Nipples
    it's possible to use the amazon app in the uk by following this workaround...only works for the free app of the day though.
  • br04dyz
    it worked for me...but only for 1 day dl'ed one game for free, but now it wont let me get anything due to location issues

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