Is that a pair of stereoscopic glasses in your pocket, or...

Hugh Hefner. Legend. When asked about the post-Avatar 3D craze, the octogenarian replied: "What would people most like to see in 3D? Probably a naked lady." Bang on, Hef. And given that he has access to both the money and the titties to give people what they want, the June issue of Playboy will feature Hope Dworaczyk and her champion gozoingers proudly splashed across the centre pages in 3D, so you can proudly spla- never mind.

Bitterwallet - 3D playboy ahoy

Alternatively, you could always get a girlfriend or, like us, settle for The Hun. We're like Tron in a digital world, happy with our non-stereoscopic images, so long as there's none of the 2G1C nonsense.



  • The G.
    If you haven't blind until now, then 2010 is the year! (thanks to Play Boy 3d) Pants down and waiting.
  • Mr G.
  • Jack
    3D boobies! They are almost real - I can nearly touch them!
  • Ben
    Next thing you know they'll be making videos of naked women as well...
  • Jack
    3D pr0n - its the future

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