Is Rent A Friend the most depressing website in history?

rent a friend

Over at the Guardian, they've given a very wordy account of a website called They've insisted on heavy, almost impenetrable prose as opposed to childish swearing and idiotic speculation.

So. What the shitting fuck is this website all about? Well, Rent A Friend allows depressed widowers, socially awkward and presumably bafflingly ugly people to call upon other humans who will grin inanely at them and offer a shoulder to cry on even though, deep down, they couldn't give a hoot about you and your stupid problems. I mean what's the matter with you? Are you such a woeful human that even the rest of the internet has shunned you?

This site allows you "rent" people from the US and Canada.

"Whether you are looking to hire a friendly companion to attend a social event or party with you, someone to introduce you to new people, or someone to go to movie or a restaurant with, can help. Hire a Friend to show you around an unfamiliar town, teach you a new skill or hobby, or just someone for companionship."

Jesus H. Stilts. It is a staggeringly bleak prospect isn't it? Some popular activities people are renting friends for include "Wingman/Wingwoman" (one can only hope that this means people are looking for someone to stand on a biplane's wings while it loop-de-loops), "Hot Air Balloon", "Teaching Manners" and "Psychic"... whatever that means. So there you go. Abject misery tarted up with gurning, jolly faces. Knock yourself out losers.


  • the f.
    i need a new babysitter..... hi friend, clean that sick off the floor now!
  • dunfyboy
    Wow! People using the internet to fill a hole in their lives because they can't make friends in real life? Why don't they just sign up to Twitter of My Space or whatever? Then they can pretend to be friends with strangers they'll never meet and clamber after every inane comment they post. These strangers can in turn pretend to give a fuck about their shitty little existence thus boosting their feeling of self worth to a level high enough to no longer need Rent a Friend. This feeling of self worth shall henceforth be known as "almost normal, but not quite".
  • issac h.
    There's an area in our town where you can rent a friend, but the Police harass you for kerb crawling.
  • the f.
    but on faceflap and shitter you cant try it on, with rent a friend any lonely sex starved person can try their luck and when turned down ask for their money back
  • ivan_the_inebriated
    "to call upon other humans who will grin inanely at them and offer a shoulder to cry on even though, deep down, they couldn’t give a hoot about you and your stupid problems." I don't see much difference between this and talking to a Psychologist or a Councellor.
  • Guybrush T.
  • Alex
    No its not, this is:
  • the f.
    i want to rent a life
  • Goku
    Did they steal this idea from Pushing Daisies?
  • mark M.
    Someone stole all the humour, plot and acting skills from Pushing Daisies - it is shit
  • Friend
    Ok, so I believe in a free speech, I give you that. Offending everyone, who might be desperate is not so cool. In this age of emails, blackberries, iPhones, Facebook, google... INTERNET, people are loosing the opportunity to meet other people offline (there is less and less of those). And when you do, there is 99.9% chance you get kicked around sooner or later anyway. No, I am not judging, it's just the real life. So why not to choose to be at least a companion to someone, who needs a human being to listen or to have some fun with - outdoors! Offline! Members of this web are not people who don't give a damn. They are willing and happy to spend some time with someone real. And being paid for it... Well, you are forgetting it is a win - win situation. So don't be so cruel and judge others by such rude opinions. One day you will stand in front of a mirror, asking yourself: "Why am I alone?". My answer would be: "THAT'S WHY".

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