Is Orange's new watchphone the future or one off the wrist?

There have been attempts to fit a phone into a watch before, but most have looked like plastic house bricks strapped to a wrist. So the LG GD910D is rather exciting - no doubt there will be more streamlined models in the future, but in terms of functionality and looks, it seems to fit the bill... at first glance. And who is pushing this vision of the future? None other than our good friends at Orange.

No doubt you read about the watch last week when its launch was officially announced, but there hasn't been much coverage of Orange's video review on YouTube, so here you go:

The user interface looks a little crowded at times, but then you can't expect much else if you want a watchface-sized display. The videophone quality doesn't appear to be an improvement over other handsets and there's no headphone socket to listen to MP3s. In fact the GD910D seems to offer far less functionality than a standard mobile - there's also no internet/WAP ability and no camera besides video calling - and there's no additional new tech going for it, aside from the miniaturisation.

So with no advancements in consumer technology, the only reason to buy one is because you idolise Dick Tracy or simply because you want to say you own one - not that such a reason has curtailed the advancement of other handsets in recent years. But then there's the price - the GD910D is only available in store at Orange's Bond Street store this Thursday for a wallet-melting £500 a piece on Pay-As-You-Go.

That's a lot of cash for a mobile that doesn't stand up in spec to every other handset, and forces you to wear a Bluetooth earpiece whenever you want a private conversation. And remember - the rules do say that anybody who wears an earpiece while not driving is a prize twat.


  • David
    Or you buy an unlocked ne from Dealextreme for £100 where they've been on-sale for the last two years....
  • Nobby
    £500 for that? For other people listening in to your calls unless you have a headset on. Does anyone at LG actually use a phone? Did they survey what are essential elements to have on a phone? "Cool" watch dials would not be high up on my list. Plus it would get scratched to bits.
  • Geoff J.
    still, I bet the owners of one are far more interesting to speak to than owners of an Iphone
  • Brian
    Posted by Geoff Jones | August 24th, 2009 at 2:57 pm "still, I bet the owners of one are far more interesting to speak to than owners of an Iphone" You are only saying that because iPhone owners (like my self) possess an higher intellect.
  • Mienaikage
    "because iPhone owners (like my self) possess an higher intellect." I'm hoping that was intentional. Actually I'm not too sure, because it would be a lot funnier if it wasn't. I got my watch for £36, it connects to my phone via bluetooth, tells me when I have a call and displays my texts without me having to pull out my phone. I have it connected to a much better phone than this.

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