Is 4G too expensive?

5 April 2013

A man stood near some 4G, yesterday
A man stood near some 4G, yesterday

Loads of people are getting giddy about 4G in the technology world, but it seems Britons are retaining a healthy dose of cynicism about the whole thing, with a number of gripes about the new service.

Over a third (38%) of consumers say they can't afford the high-speed service and reckon it will probably lead to a spike in bills, according to a report by uSwitch. Almost half of mobile users (48%) aren't in a rush to get 4G, saying that they'll wait for their contract renewal date.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said pricing was likely to become the "new battleground" for 4G, saying: "As the competition heats up, EE will certainly have to raise its game. It will be interesting to see how other providers attempt to differentiate, demonstrate value and quell consumer fears about burning through their data allowances."

"Although the tariffs on offer from EE have undergone a number of nips and tucks in pricing and provision of data, people today are even more worried about the bills they could rack up while surfing on 4G."

Perhaps more worrying for $G providers is that a paltry 16% of people polled think that the new speedy-service will live up to its hype.

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  • JonB
    I've used 4G in South Korea a lot last year and it can live up to the hype. However, it's possible that it will be scuppered here by UK mobile operators and their ridiculous pricing policies.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Things should pick up a bit when the EE monopoly ends.
  • leeisgood
    Yes, i have to say though its faster than my virgin media connection at the moment.

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