iPotty wins award for being worst toy of the year

The iPotty - an iPad attachment accessory for toddlers - has been crowned the worst toy of the year by The Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood. They sound like a bunch of mewing hippies don't they?

They have an award called the TOADYs which hilariously stands for 'Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young Children'. Jesus Christ.

They decided that the potty with an iPad stand built-in was going to erode children's brains and turn them all into dead-eyed Gordon Gekko types. Possibly.


"Throughout history, kids have mastered toilet training without touch screens," CCFC's Director Dr Susan Linn said. "The iPotty is a perfect example of marketers trying to create a need where none exists. In fact, the last thing children need is a screen for every single occasion."

Runners-up include the VIP Upgrade Membership by The Real Tooth Fairies, Monopoly Empire, Play Doh Create ABCs App and the Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus by Fisher-Price.


  • samuri
    shit sticks to shit
  • Dick
    What did they have to say about the market for toilet training stickers and charts? After all, throughout history, kids have mastered going to the toilet without getting "Well Done" stars ... Where do they stand on the wonga.com sippy cup?

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