'iPlayer for radio' coming to the internet

A new way of listening to online radio is coming before the end of the year (unless we’ve all topped ourselves from poverty of course). Described by some as ‘the iPlayer of radio’ is called Radioplayer and will provide simple access to as many as 200 stations by February next year.

50 stations will be included in the service initially, and content will be searchable by station, programming and genre. The service has been set up with the combined energies of the BBC and commercial broadcasters.

On their website, the Radioplayer people say that: "Online listening is seen as complex, inconsistent and fragmented. We've settled on a model that achieves simplicity, consistency and enables users to switch stations – while leaving the streaming and serving of the player in the hands of each broadcaster."

Here’s a preview of what it’s all about...


  • spamcan61
    A couple of thoughts:- Surely iPlayer covers radio these days anyway? Form the end users' viewpoint how is this different to what Shoutcast, Ramaradio and many others have been doing for years?
  • Tim
    Erm, iPlayer already does radio, as does Sky Player. Okay, it's BBC. Plenty of others do, and most radio stations now stream from their web sites. And then you have Internet Radio anyway. Modern Nokia phones have Internet Radio built in or available as a download, working beside the FM radio. Just need WLAN connection or (if you can afford it) 3G. Got Squeezebox at home. Does Internet Radio. Been doing that for years.
  • spamcan61
    >>Got Squeezebox at home. Does Internet Radio. Been doing that for years. Same here, only with a cheapo Logik IR100, something like 11,000 radio stations in the database.

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