iPhone's Siri can double data bills?

6 January 2012

iphone4sWhile Apple's Siri voice assistant doobrey seems like a fun, futuristic thing to horse around with, it's been suggested that it's actually hammering you for cash. Apparently, using Siri doubles the amount of information that iPhone users use, if you believe the researchers of Arieso (yes, it looks vaguely like a naughty word).

Researchers found that users of the new iPhone 4S were using twice as much data as those who had an iPhone 4. Of course, the major difference between the two is that Siri exists on one of them, and whenever you use it, your phone connects to the internet, which of course, uses data.

Naturally, if you end up going over your data limit, your provider will sting you in your bill or even cut your phone off.

Arieso's research says that; 'Users of the iPhone 4S demand three times as much data as iPhone 3G users and twice as much as iPhone 4 users.'

They added; 'The most significant change has been the introduction of the iPhone 4S. There are some very hungry handset users.'

You've be warned, not that you actually care.

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  • john
    ...or because the 4s is new, people are using it more?
  • Dave
    Of course it can, if you use it a lot. If you don't use it at all, but regularly use YouTube, Sky Go etc. then it will affect it by 0%. What a complete piece of non-news.
  • James d.
    crazy talk john Siri is the only factor /s
  • John
    I remember talk of Siri wasting data shortly after launch but there didn't seem to be an substance to it: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/11/how-data-heavy-is-siri-on-an-iphone-4s-ars-investigates.ars Siri isn't the only major difference between the two handsets either, the 4S has a faster dual core processor which is likely to encourage people to use the phone more and the camera is a higher resolution for both stills and photo. The photo and video sizes are between two and three times larger than the Iphone4 which matches to the increased data use. John
  • Ambivalent A.
    What the bloomin' nora is Siri anyway? Obviously, I know what it is, but is it really any use?(if you don't live in the US) My wife got a 4S the other day and I was intrigued, but didn't get anywhere with it. Mind you I was asking for a nosh....... He did say that his life was to serve, but my donkey still hasn't been gobbled, so all in all, Siri is chod. Apparently, you can get it to sing for you - wow. So, the quote about the 4S being the most amazing yet, in my opinion, is a little overstated.

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