iPhones are exploding again, apparently

3 February 2014

iphone_battery We've not had any phones blowing up in people's pockets for a while, almost like it has gone out of fashion - be it the fault of people not making stuff up or phone manufacturers taking the jeopardy and thrill out of phone buying.

So thank the stars for the throwback fun of 13-year-old student from Maine who is now suffering from first and second degree burns after her iPhone exploded into flames while in her pocket.

It has been reported that the young woman was sitting in class when she heard a weird noise coming from her pocket. Then she saw smoke coming from her pants. It wasn't burning loins, but rather, her gadget was ablaze.

Two fellow students leapt to the student's assistance while the rest of the class went to find help to put out the fire. Apart from that weird kid at the back of class who probably enjoyed the spectacle.

While trying to help the girl out of her trousers, the iPhone fell out of her pocket, all molten.

There's no known cause for this incident but obviously, it isn't the first time it has happened. No matter. The good news is, is that the girl in question was taken to a local treatment centre and was discharged without much fuss.

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