iPhone 5S outsells iPhone 5C in Britain

2 December 2013

The iPhone 5C might be cheaper and come in pretty colours, but the iPhone 5S is outselling it by three to one in the UK. It seems that it takes more than some hackysack-playing hipsters waving neon yellow phones around to woo us.


Criticised as ‘unashamedly plastic’, the iPhone 5C has gone down as well as Rob Chubby Brown at a feminist rally. But it seems we’re not really buying either model in our droves. According to analysts Kantar, Apple’s market share slipped in the third quarter of the year from 32.7% in 2012 to a more modest 28.7%.

Kantar think that because there aren’t that many exciting new features on the 5S or 5C models that we’re saving our pennies for the arrival of the iPhone 6. They added: ‘This is not wholly unexpected as shoppers tend to react more positively to full releases than incremental improvements such as the 5S and 5C.’

But Apple will be pleased that the iPhone 5C has been a hit in the US, with many customers switching from other brands, rather than upgrading an existing iPhone. But it seems that in Blighty, we’re happy to pay more for a better product, cos we’ve got class and that.

*wipes nose on sleeve*

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  • Sheldon C.
    Rob Chubby Brown? Is he related to Roy Chubby Brown?
  • shiftynifty
    5s is the one....no skanky 5c for me....
  • jt
    I think Rob Chubby Brown is Roy Chubby Brown's funny brother.
  • JonB
    The 5C is selling poorly everywhere, actually, to the point that Apple have switched one of the Foxconn factories from making 5C to making 5S (search for "Zhengzhou 5C"). The only reason they are selling any at all in the US is because stores have slashed the price of the 5C to $50 (search for "5C $50").
  • jokester2
    This article misses out the important fact that iDiots (a.k.a. Apple Users) don't worry about little things like price, value-for-money or functionality as long as the overpriced crap looks nice...
  • mikeypop
    "Criticised as ‘unashamedly plastic’"...eh?! That was Apple's own marketing spin on it you feckless pricks...hardly criticism is it if it's part of their own marking hogwash is it? Nothing like a bit of research...
  • Mongo D.
    Leave Lucy's Chubby Brown alone, it's already been stretched to it's limit.
  • Dom
    Yeah Jokester2 - cus Android is really the answer - lol!
  • jokester2
    @Dom Yes, it is currently the most functional & powerful phone OS. iOS and Windows are too busy fighting over which is the most restrictive, least functional OS... What do you have against Android? Just that you've used one of the budget devices that struggle to do anything, and then assumed the problem is Android (like most anti-Android people), or that you can't cope with more than one button?
  • you
    Is Lucy a real person? Nearly all of her articles are so badly written that she must surely be a Ron Burgundy-esque comical imitation of a real journalist.

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