iPad minis for £249?

16 October 2012

It would appear that the price of the much muttered about iPad mini is going to be £249, according a mysterious pricelist and a screenshot that was nabbed just after Apple put the iPhone 5 online.


It looks like Apple will be announcing the iPad mini on the 23rd October and it is likely that it'll be half the size of the regular iPad with a 7.85in screen and with 3G (and maybe 4G) capabilities. Another rumour is that the price will actually be €249, which means that in sterling, it'll be closer to £200 (excluding VAT).

This of course, means that the iPad mini will still be more expensive than Amazon's Kindle Fire (£169) and Google's Nexus 7 (£199), but that didn't stop people from buying Apple products before.

Other rumours state that the iPad mini will come with storage of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and may be available in black or white.

[image via Guardian]

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  • Chester
    I'm picking up a Microsoft surface instead.
  • apple i.
    Woohoo!!!! Another toy...i'd just managed to save up some money after buying an iPad 3 and an iPhone 5 - i was thinking of spending the money on food but no way - definitely buying an iPad mini - how cool am i?
  • klingelton
    anyone know if they're going to discontinue the ipad 2 on the release of the ipad mini? (effectively it's a similar price point). oh and because something costs 249 euros, usually means it will cost 249 quid as well - because we get rinsed harder in this country.
  • iPawn
    should really be £199, but isheep will buy in droves anyway. I am waiting for a Microsoft surface want to try something different and new from the same old.
  • spencer
    Lets be honest - if the thing didnt even switch on and was instead just filled with sand... it'd still sell in the millions. It's apple. People MUST buy newest apple.
  • spencer
    The thing could cost £500, and could just play episodes of the golden girls and show pictures of Steve jobs peeling potatoes The iDiots will buy it
  • Mark H.
    So it'll be the same price as the new iPod Touch? I find that hard to believe.
  • Mike M.
    this site isn't what it used to be.
  • Jeremy
    Apple is crap.
  • Big G.
    From £249. That is the price of a refub iPad nothing new there.

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