Burn Baby Burn, iPad Air Inferno

8 November 2013

Er, you might want to carry a little fire extinguisher in your bag along with your new iPad Air. A Vodaphone store in Canberra, Australia had to be evacuated after one of their display models burst into flames and filled the room with smoke.

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And it wasn’t a case of dumping a bucket of water over it, either – firefighters had to be called to put out the blaze, which melted the iPad and caused coughing customers to flee into the street.

Incidents involving faulty iphones and fatal phone chargers have been well documented, but this is the first instance of a flammable iPad. Obviously the iPad Air has only been on sale since November 1st, so Apple will be darn curious about what caused the meltdown. They sent a rep to the store immediately to try to establish the cause of the fault, but have since issued no comment.

So could this be a design fault? A case of depressed Chinese workers messing up on the assembly line? Or is this just an exciting new Apple feature – called FLAME MAVERICK LEOPARD - which causes your iPad to spontaneously combust whenever you post a picture of your baby on Facebook?

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  • Angry S.
    A faultless story, apart from the fact that it wasn't actually an iPad Air. Well done.
  • Greg
    Zzzzz everytime a new product is released, apple or not, one somewhere in the world sets in fire and news sites get filled up with this crap. Move along...
  • Sarahs c.
    Apple are crap.
  • Old G.
    Sorry Sarah's cat, have to disagree there. Apple machines tend to be well made and have some nice touches in places. However, they're not worth the exorbitant prices they charge and their business practices would make Henry Ford shudder. I ate an apple once and am still waiting to be sued.
  • Dogturd A.
    "This is the first instance of a flammable iPad" Surely you mean "iNflammable" iPad to comply with the brand marketing?
  • Jack M.
    @ by Angry of Scotand (you forgot the "L") Wrong again! "NOTE TO SELF... I must think and check my facts before i type.
  • NAME
  • Ian
    How do you not know how to spell Vodafone correctly?!

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