iPad 3 discovered in iOS code

29 November 2011

Bitterwallet - Bitterwallet on the iPadApple geeks, you can get a little excited. See, the iPad 3 is referred to in a new release of the tablet’s iOS operating system. Rumours are swirling around saying that it'll launch in March and be significantly more hi-res (meaning that it'll have to be a little chunkier than the iPad2).

It has been reported that, in a list of devices in the new iOS 5.1 software, ‘iPad3,3’ is referenced. There's further mentions to the software calling for its ‘vendorID’, ‘deviceID’ and other details.

Apparently, Apple are working on two iPad 3 prototypes and, as well as the chunkier one, they are rumoured to be toying with the idea of a smaller 7.85” version, which is invariably Apple's answer to Amazon's Kindle.

Analyst Richard Shim says: “The 2048x1536 screen will be the centerpiece the of next-generation iPad, or so-called iPad 3. That resolution is a quantum leap over iPad 2 which uses a more pedestrian 1024-by-768 display”.

The iOS 5.1 code also refers to an updated version of the Apple TV, codenamed 3,1.

Over on the Mobot side of the office, Lewis has been throwing together all the iPad 3 rumours here.

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  • jah128
    Ah so the 2048x1536 screen resolution rumours return, a year on from the iPad-2 rumours. I still can't see it happening, as it isn't particularly useful to have such a pixel density, and it would be very demanding on GPUs. Not the many desktop GPUs are good for games on 3MP+ monitors, and those that are consume tens or hundreds of watts. Is a sharper display on something that already looks pretty sharp worth the inevitable expense in terms of cost and battery life? [I could see the resolution being increase a bit - perhaps to 1200x900 or 1440x1080, but even a top of the range MBP is only 1920x1200 on a 17" display!]
  • Dick
    So what? If you are not going to be supplying higher resolution pictures of feral shopping trollies, it is hardly an advance the world needs, is it?

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