iOS 7 is making people sick

27 September 2013

To add to the chorus of criticism about iOS 7, people are now complaining that the new software causes motion sickness.


As well as taking a year to download, and boasting a host of counter-intuitive features and a crap design, users are saying that the zoom animation that happens when you go from apps to your home screen is making them vomit.

‘It hurts my eyes and makes me dizzy!’ said one. ‘It’s making me nauseous and giving me a headache!’ said another.

While it’s tempting to tell these over privileged, First World finger-swiping morons to quit moaning and go and work for Medicins Sans Frontiers, it’s obviously not a very desirable side effect.

Many users are calling for Apple to disable the zoom - which despite a Reduce Motion button, can’t be disabled when switching between apps.

However, experts believe that what users are experiencing can’t possibly be motion sickness. "It takes a couple minutes of sustained stimulation to activate motion sickness," said Charles Oman of Nasa. "If it were an immersive environment, like a headset or an IMAX screen, then I can believe it, but it's a little harder to believe on the small screens.’

Even so, it's something arse achingly minor to bitch about while the rest of the world crumbles around us in a lake of fire, violence and famine! #FML!!!

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  • Terry
    It's a load of bollocks, just like the guys said. Motion sickness is caused over a few minutes of movement, not a few swipes.
  • jokester2
    Most iOS users are borderline retarded, so this isn't really surprising...
  • Quinn
    ahh Lucy - I love the sarcasm (wit) - LOL. I for one am looking forward to downloading it (I will choose a Sunday where I don't use my phone)
  • Stan
    "Posted by jokester2 • September 27, 2013 at 5:08 pm Most iOS users are borderline retarded, so this isn’t really surprising…" So true.
  • Euan
    Have to admit it'd be nice if there was an option to disable all of the pointless eye candy.
  • Atilla
    "Have to admit it’d be nice if there was an option to disable all of the pointless eye candy." There is, just pop your iPhone in the bin where it belongs.
  • Euan
    Oh, my aching sides...

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