Net Neutrality to offer preferential treatment for cash?

The US Federal Communications Commission is planning to implement new and controversial net neutrality rules, which would allow content providers to negotiate with broadband providers to get preferential treatment.


The proposal basically allows websites with big budgets to ‘pay for priority’ on the net, and would give broadband providers the opportunity to charge higher web traffic management prices to internet companies with pots of cash – leaving lots of smaller operations in the dust.

“With this proposal, the FCC is aiding and abetting the largest ISPs in their efforts to destroy the open Internet,’ said Free Press president Craig Aaron. ‘Giving ISPs the green light to implement pay-for-priority schemes will be a disaster for startups, nonprofits and everyday Internet users who cannot afford these unnecessary tolls. These users will all be pushed onto the Internet dirt road, while deep pocketed Internet companies enjoy the benefits of the newly created fast lanes.’

Netflix recently came under scrutiny when it entered into a deal with Comcast – the US’s biggest broadband provider - to ensure faster streaming speeds. But even Netflix have called on the FCC to strengthen their net neutrality laws to stop broadband providers charging ever-increasing prices to bring traffic.

The plans have not been finalized, but if they are, it could mean that the internet will soon be monopolized by the big guns, while startups go under. Boo hiss.

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