Innovation Corner: GPS shoes and waving passwords

17 September 2012

Do you keep getting lost? Would you like your shoes to walk you home? Well, some bright spark has invented GPS shoes, so you've no excuse for ever getting lost again. Of course, if you're a man, you'll invariably piddle all over them at the urinals and ruin them, or indeed, spend so long looking at them that you'll probably walk into a wood chipper, but that's just natural selection at work.

Elsewhere, in the world of passwords (a world that is a thrill-a-minute, obviously), there's a new development which will see you forgoing the whole Typing Words In, instead, waving your hands to get into your online banking accounts and social networks.

Intel researchers have developed a tablet with new software and a biometric sensor that recognises the unique patterns of veins on your hairy palms.

"The problem with passwords — we use too many of them, their rules are complex, and they differ for different websites," Sridhar Iyengar, said director of security research at Intel Labs. "There is a way out of it, and biometrics is an option."

So, instead of cyber crooks phishing for details, they'll now be cutting your hands off. Ace!

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  • Hand j.
    Palm thing been round for ages, but they were previously a bit thinker. Search Fujitsu and Palm on You tube.

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