Information Commissioner - 'Stop bleating on about Street View'

It might have snapped you stuffing a ferret down your pants when you thought nobody was looking or it might have snapped you licking your ex-wife’s sitting room window while she was out when you thought nobody was looking, but Google Street View is officially ‘okay really’ according to the Information Commissioner.

We’ve never met the Information Commissioner but we imagine he wears a monocle and has a very, VERY deep voice. Either way, he has responded to a complaint from human rights group Privacy International about Street View and has swatted it away as though it were a drowsy wasp.

Reacting to the point that anyone caught by the lens of a Street View car should have to give their consent before being shown, the Information Commissioner compared Google’s quite-dull-actually photo map thing to a televised football match, saying that under the same argument, broadcasters would have to obtain consent from every fan who might be shown during the game.

So can we all shut up about it now? Thanks.



  • The B.
    The Information Commissioner's bloody useless, seeing as half of your story’s are ripped off from the Beeb or the Reg I’m surprised you haven’t picked up on the latest about Phorm ( That was pretty much down to the Information Commissioner sitting on his thumb going “it’s fine, nothing illegal here, it’s fine, Go back to bed, UK, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Here's Gladiators, here's 52 channels of it! Watch these pituary retards bash their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom!”.
  • MinstrelMan
    Anyone who wears a monocle post 1890 looks like a twat - FACT! except the monopoly guy, he's ok as he's just animated.
  • Andy D.
    @The Real Bob - don't accuse us of ripping off websites then go and quote a big chunk of Bill Hicks at us okay? Just don't. ;-)
  • Andy D.
    @Minstrelman - can you use his real name in future please? It's Rich Uncle Pennybags. Cheers.

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