iMac to go touchscreen?

24 August 2010

Apple LogoApple like to innovate don't they? In fairness to them, they've done a rather good job of doing that over the past few years. Now, they're looking at making the home computer well jazzy.

How? Well, future versions of iMacs could have technology that allows the machines to switch between a standard display and an ergonomically-friendly touchpad.

It's a simple concept, which could see the monitor on a hinged stand, according to a patent filed in January but only recently uncovered by website Patently Apple (click here to see the patent).

The patent application suggests that the action of pivoting the screen between vertical and flat would toggle between operating systems as well as outlining plans for “transitioning between a high-resolution input mode, such as a mouse-based interface, and a low-resolution input mode, such as a touch-based interface”.

“Transitioning between the two input modes and corresponding user interfaces (UIs) is based on the detected change of orientation," the patent application said. “A change of orientation can be detected with one or more sensors, such as an accelerometer [or] position sensors.

“Transitioning from one mode to another can include modifying an item displayed in the UI of the one mode into a corresponding item displayed in the UI of the other mode.”

It looks rather good doesn't it? MacHaters, feel free to sneer in the comments.


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  • Mark
    Weren't the McHaters some of Ronald McDonald's implacable enemies?
  • The B.
    They could call it the iWank.
  • Alex
  • Mungo S.
  • PokeHerPete
    Im riding my penny farthing straight to the asshole store to get this when its out!
  • PokeHerPete
    *apple You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. FU WordPess.
  • Paul
    Cupidtino users with 19" touchscreens? Are we sure this is a good idea after the documentary regarding cousins marrying on Channel 4 last night?
  • Robbie r.
    I'm sure the whole Bitterwallet team are knocking one out at the thought of this "innovation". Particularly, Dawson.
  • ry8000
    wtf, is dis real?
  • Jonny S.
    I'll look at this on my iPhone 4, I'll just pick this up with my lef...
  • Jonny S.
    ...on't get problems with my signal, must just be crap reception...
  • AyePet
    Apple are good are launching a concept in technology, no point in denying that, that take a portable music player, a touch screen phone, a touch screen tablet, and make it desirable where no company did before. However, due to a horrifically smug customer base it gave rise to the Apple Haters, and understandably so given how expensive Apple is in a worldwide recession and how flawed their products can be from a mostly technical standpoint, both of which have stopped exponential growth curve. Touchscreen tablets/laptops/computers have been around for ages, they were just never popularised. If Apple do this with OSX and the iMAC, great, it'll create the desirability with Apple's huge and successful PR machine that noone else come close to unfortunately. I'm expecting the Samsung Galaxy Pad to utterly desolate the Apple iPad over the next two years in terms of function and price, same goes for Android phones, already occurring in the US> The same will occur with a touch screen desktop computer, we might have to wait until Windows8, but it'll come, it's such a shame though we have to depend on a company that relies so much on a vapid and shallow customer base to create this technological desirability. From a business point of view it proves other companies are failing in doing this. from another it shows how Apple customers are mere sheep led by company obsessed with the vain and the narcissistic.
  • PokeHerPete
    Hah, if you touch the screen incorrectly, it will disconnect you from the internet.
  • Alexis
    [quote]I’m expecting the Samsung Galaxy Pad to utterly desolate the Apple iPad over the next two years in terms of function and price, same goes for Android phones, already occurring in the US>[/quote] What does this mean? You expect Samsung to sell more of their pads because they're cheaper? Well yes, that's feasible. But Samsung's margins are a lot lower. As for features, I doubt it. What about the app market? To say they will 'desolate' is like saying Ford desolate Mercedes. You don't see Merc crying that more people buy Fiestas.
  • me
    WTF... DO I-CARE?
  • Night R.
    Christ I'm picky, but wouldn't the word "decimate" be more suited in this context? Just a thought...
  • Rich
    I don't know ANYONE who has an iMac, who the hell uses them.
  • KIT
    desolate (comparative more desolate, superlative most desolate) 1. deserted and devoid of inhabitants 2. barren and lifeless 3. made unfit for habitation or use 4. dismal or dreary 5. sad, forlorn and hopeless to decimate (third-person singular simple present decimates, present participle decimating, simple past and past participle decimated) 1. (Roman history) To kill one man chosen by lot out of every ten in a legion or other military group. 2. To reduce anything by one in ten, or ten percent.   3. (historical) To exact a tithe, or tax of 10 percent   4. To reduce to one-tenth. 5. To severely reduce; to destroy almost completely. Night Rider is correct
  • wubfur
    AyePet Thanks :-)

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