Illegal downloaders will get three strikes from Ofcom

illegal-downloading1All the UK ISPs are to send out piracy warnings to customers in 2014 as part of the Digital Economy Act (DEA). Remember when everyone was kicking off about that, and then completely forgot all about it?

Ofcom will be implementing the DEA, which yesterday, published documents that said: "We expect that the first notifications may be sent in early 2014."

The DEA only applies to ISPs with more than 400,000 subscribers, so if a copyright owner notices that their content is being pirated online, they have 10 days to gather evidence and submit a report to the ISP which itself, has a further 10 days to identify the filesharing subscriber. They will warn them about what they're doing as part of a 'three strike' rule.

The first two strikes will be sent via email or snail mail and the third will be via tracked mail. The warnings "should be written in plain English and contain sufficient information to inform subscribers about their situation," Ofcom said.

Those who ignore three warnings within a 12-month period will be placed on the Copyright Infringement List (CIL).

"After obtaining a court order to obtain personal details, copyright owners will be able to take action against those included in the list," Ofcom said.


  • klingelton
    This actually doesn't sound too bad. The only people that need fear reprisal are those that download hefty amounts - I just hope that this isn't abused. (which it probably will be)
  • Sharon G.
    The is prepostreous! Just when we will get fiber optik. my huby and i wil not be abel too get free offloadings. daamyou
  • Filter P.
    Sharon smells absolutely amazing.
  • Zleet
    How do they (isp) know who is sharing what unless they snoop on what you do or are they just going to take the word of a company without proof and what happens to some old fart who doesn't know how to secure their wifi properly so some little thief a few streets away is downloading albums with zero risk while he (old fart) gets banned. And why the fuck are they using baseball as the foundation of policy? Also, why are media companies worth only a few billion a year being given control over who gets the Internet; something worth many tens of billions a year?
  • Bono
    I have inappropriate relations with altar boys.
  • Idi A.
    I would like to offer the services of the ISP company I'm about to set up. It is based in Russia and will only have 399,999 subscribers. Unlimited access for £25 a month. You in?
  • Lionel H.
    Why on earth do you think it's only people who download 'hefty amounts' that need to worry? Have you seen some of the people Big IP have gone after in the past? A single mum who downloaded some twatty little pinball game, a grannie who clearly had no idea how to even operate a computer; they don't give a fuck.
  • The E.
    @Bono ..its how you found me ... forever yours <3
  • Zleet
    The thing that is killing the media industry is region restricted content and everyone trying to do an iTunes at the same time. They try to bring out streaming or download services but then lock them down by country. The big media concerns need to understand that the internet has shrank the world, that people download TV shows and movies because they don't wish to wait months for films or even years for TV to become available for them. If they are going to put this much effort into going after people why don't the big providers all band together and create a service that for similar to the cost of Rapidshare or Megaupload will supply all content, but with adverts stitched into the TV shows based on region or no adverts if you wish to pay a little more. The problem at the minute is the official content is spread about all over the place and is either locked down or prohibitively expensive.
  • zax
    Idi Amin, yh baby I am in. Plenty of time to secure my downloading activities then.
  • Jolyon B.
    Does this only apply to filesharers and people using torrents ? What if you just download content from a non UK server and do not share?
  • Steve
    Three letters - VPN
  • Jeremy
    Since someone must be spying on you to obtain your ip address, exactly what burden of proof is to be placed on someone who says I've nicked their content 3 times? If I place their content on a website owned by me, can I accuse them 3 times of nicking my web site content? Alternatively, I wait for 2 notifications (which I would dispute) before signing up for a VPN.
  • Sicknote
    No I won't. I use a secure VPN connection to connect the internet costing about $8 a month and my ISP has no idea what I am using my internet connection for. Next dumb-ass government announcement please.
  • captain c.
    This is only going to affect the subscribers of the countries 6 largest providers anyway, and as those 6 are REALLY bad at providing quality services, and mostly block or severely inhibit p2p anyway, all us (cough), sorry, all the fretards will be safe any way, as we; sorry, THEY use smaller, more professional, reliable, and customer friendly providers.. :-)
  • Mr P.
    @ captain cretin Any recommendations?
  • Spencer
    I'm sure I've said this before - Piracy is cannot and will not be stopped. Time after time we see tens of millions wasted on the latest crackdown and legal tussle... And where does it end? Napster was shut down > audio galaxy kicked off Hosted MP3 sites shut down > Gnutella network Gnutella/Kazaa shut down> Torrents become the norm P2P torrent traffic made illegal > Newsbin files become more popular All P2P traffic to be monitored and made illegal > VPN used Stage by stage they're making stronger hardier weeds because technology will always exceed legal precedent. By the time a law is passed, the alternatives are already well used... I'm quite sure that by 2016 or 2017 a law will be passed that allows monitoring of VPN traffic... at which point... Well... There's already a ways and means...
  • captain c.
    @ Mr Patel, Sorry, I am keeping my ISP a closely guarded secret; history has shown that once word of a good ISP gets around, it gets swamped with new customers and the service AND speeds goe down the pan
  • oliverreed
    As long as they can't send you 3 letters in a day without giving you chance to pull the plug...
  • Ian g.
    My wife sharon does smell amazing! I have semelled betta on a pig thouhgt

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