iGoogle RIP

igoogle-bus-stop Google, unsentimental as ever, have nuked another one of their projects - this time, iGoogle which allowed you to personalise your homepage with pictures of ninjas, foxes or nature.

After more than eight years, Google decided enough was enough. No-one was using it, so there's no point keeping the shutters open.

Once upon-a-time, it was a pretty good idea, giving users the chance to have personalized, real-time information at their fingertips. However, thanks to social media and phone apps, the desktop service was no longer required.

Those still using iGoogle were given 16 months to completely readjust their lives with out it (and export any data and all that boring stuff) and then, without any fanfare, without final warning, Google brought the axe down this week.

Wave, Reader and now iGoogle; up in that Sinclair C5 shaped coffin in the sky.



  • M R.
    What a pity to lose iGoogle. We used it every day - several times a day.
  • ashok
    i used it all the time it was the best thing yet!!!! why did they get rid os igoogle
  • klingelton
    I used to use it regularly until they told us they were getting rid of it. It was pretty good.
  • Nads
    Gutted! Love having igoogle as my homepage
  • Mike
    Apparently it still had 15 million users! I used it every day and it was perfect. a very strange move by google. Now using www.ighome.com
  • Han S.
    So bloody disappointed that this has gone. Using ighome now, but it's not the same.
  • jaffacake
    I used igoogle right from its inception. recently moved to netvibes, the service is pretty similar. the fact that this has happened will put me off relying on google in the future.
  • Mustapha S.
    If only more companies would cease development for products no one really uses, i.e. Blackberry and every phone/device they've made since 2006.
  • Liz
    Well,the fact that they gave me 16 months notice did not mean that they gave me any decent alternatives. Their platitudes that the internet has moved on are a little annoying, as I've been looking for a replacement, in all of that time, and have never found anything that approaches the convenience of having the sites I care about open and updated in real time in front of me. I am now using Symbaloo, which is fine for what it is, a series of links (I could do exactly the same from a normal desktop), but it is nowhere close. I've tried several and it's the best I've found so far. I know Google very well in another context (confidentiality) , so I am not at all surprised by their complete disregard for the consumer. I know complaining won't do any good. But I am somewhat annoyed by people saying I knew for 16 months and that should be enough. They took away a vital part of my work day that I used constantly. They offered no decent replacement-though I have looked, and tried countless 'replacements' for over a year. The explanations they gave were condescending and fatuous. I will definitely try to avoid reliance on any Google product going forward, which I am fully aware is of exactly zero importance to Google. L
  • Kate
    I moved to iloggo
  • hotmail r.
    Where are all these girls coming from? Has the Good Housekeeping website shutdown?
  • Jack M.
    This was a free service offered by google right? So stop fucking whinging and move on................
  • Derek G.
    Well Chocked, at what has been done to igoogle I am sure it will be regretted and maybe they will have the good sense to restore it and leave things that have a loyalty alone.
  • Chewbacca's m.
    Used to use it all the time. Stopped. No longer care. Meh.

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