If it isn't 10Mbps, it isn't broadband

15 September 2015

broadband-slow-319970 The exciting people who do market research at Ovum have been to 30 countries around the world to see what makes people like their broadband providers. What did they find while they were on their jollies? They have deduced that the minimum download speed that truly satisfies is 10Mbps.

As well as that, they also found that everyone expects three second page load times, a reliable and stable connection, and good tech support. Are you listening broadband providers? This is what people want, dammit.

So when it comes to living up to these criteria, Sweden came out on top, with the UK in 8th place, equal with the United States of America and Russia.

Now, Ofcom reckon that the average UK broadband user gets 23 Mbps, but not everyone agrees. In the State of the Internet report, Britons are getting an average of 11.6Mbps, which gets into Ovum's good books by the skin of its teeth.

Basically, the average broadband customers wants the same things - they want Netflix to play without buffering, they want their internet pages to load quickly and, if you're downloading stuff, that to complete in a timely fashion. Gamers probably have gripes too, but they're clearly too busy worrying about ethics in games journalism.

One thing that providers need to worry about though, is that, as 4K video picks up interest, customers will be demanding more. Not to mention that there's going to be more and more devices relying on a good internet connection, with phones, tablets, and smart appliances. They better get their arses in gear, and fast.

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