Hurray! PCs will soon start up in seconds!

1 October 2010

brand new computer with nice legs nearby

Do you own an Apple computering machine device? Well piss off. This won't interest you at all, unless of course, you fancy smugging one off over your PC owning friends.

Yep, this is about PCs and the news is that new computers could start-up in mere seconds thanks to an update to one of the oldest parts of desktops.

Now, we realise that 'seconds' could mean 'a year's worth of seconds', but rest assured, we're assuming that this means 'a very small number of seconds'.

This new upgrade will signal the end of the 25-year-old PC start-up software known as Bios which initialises a machine so the ol' operating system can get motoring. This code wasn't meant to be used as long as it has, and adapting it to modern PCs is one reason that they take so irritatingly long  to kick in.

The new system is called UEFI and will predominate in new PCs by 2011, according to Auntie.

"Conventional Bios is up there with some of the physical pieces of the chip set that have been kicking around the PC since 1979," said Mark Doran, head of the UEFI Forum, which is overseeing development of the technology. "Compared to many other components, the rate of evolution of the firmware pieces has been phenomenally slow."

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  • Jonny S.
    To be fair this has supposedly been possible for quite a while due to hibernation/sleep and caching the OS into the RAM and loading it back up in about 10 seconds - some Linux based OS's claim they can do it in 2 - 3 seconds a couple of years back.
  • james d.
    You know, apple computers don't load themselves via a small vial of Steve Job's breath, they have a BIOS too and run on the same hardware as PCs do. This isn't even about PCs, its really about anything with a motherboard in it. Besides the BIOS boot time is pretty minimal compared to the OS at present, not to mention UEFI is already in a fair bit of hardware right now. That article is full of technical inaccuracies. Oh noes, I cant have a 3TB HDD on BIOS, I NEED UEFI!!!
  • Chris F.
    yeah, the only way they will speed up startup significantly will be to streamline the OS startup/loading - which in turn will be reliant on faster access times for storage media (SSDs for example) swapping BIOS for something else won't make a huge difference as long as Bill and his mates continue to produce operating systems that 10 years ago wouldn't have fit one installation across 10 "off the shelf" PCs. in other words: enough bloatware already!
  • Steve J.
    I agree, piss off mac's! The Spectrum is more functional.
  • Ballu
    wrong! apple have been using intel EFI since 2006 after they moved away from PowerPC. intel EFI was made backward compatible with the crappy MBR of BIOS to allow running windoze... that's why when you build a hackintosh, you have to fake the EFI
  • Phil M.
    My Mac already starts up and shuts down in seconds, so I don't really see what the fuss is about.
  • hippy1001
    With SSD drives becomming more popular and cheaper they can pretty much boot a pc to a working desktop in under 20 seconds. Im sure the EFI will make bios load times better but its not really a major issue. Just remember we are talking about 10 seconds. 10 seconds! I can fart for longer than that. This hasnt and will not revolutionise the computer industry! Apple mackintosh computers have had it for years and they are still crap overpriced machines with pompous idiots using them.
  • Alexis
    Hippy1001 - I use a Mac because I am considerably richer than you.
  • Grin
    Sirs it has said that in 2011 the pc really dont need more of memory to run it will use the net as its storage space for each of the file needed. more lighter and more faster. Each of this PC are have lazer keyboards so no need also for the keyboard hardware.
  • hippy1001
    I see 2011 being just like 2010 is regarding cloud computing. With the slow speed that BT and alike are making with thier fiber optic cabling, the crappy "fair use" limits on ones downloading during "peak" times, i dont see cloud computing taking off for more than an online backup storage. I remember seeing a video about a keyboard thats projected onto a desk and you just type on the desk to use it. I personally didnt like the idea just because when i type i like to feel like im pressing down on something. Instead of keyboards i see them going for the whole "star trek" way of computer communication, ask the computer a question and it will try and find you the answer. and using the touchscreen panel for minimal tasks/ looking at porn because your wife is in the room and you dont wanna speak out saying "computer, fnd me hot milf porn!" 2012 will be a good year for everything, cos apparently the world will end! but i remember them saying that about last year and the millenium bug thing. Alexis, with a name like that im sure i couldve guessed you would use a mac. I doubt you are richer than me though, i have almost 640K of ram to play with, and ought to be enough for anybody!!!

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