Humans in 'humans are idiots' shocker


Gosh – it turns out that human beings aren’t actually a bunch of clever and elusive word-wizards when it comes to protecting our online identities and that we’ll just settle for the easiest and most memorable combinations of letters and numbers when it comes to choosing our passwords.

Proof that, collectively, we’re roughly on the same level as the really thick one from Yo Gabba Gabba came late last year when there was a major security breach at the site. The login and password details of 32 million users were laid bare and in the name of research, shits and giggles, the passwords were then posted online for statisticians to pore over.

Here, we present the top ten passwords as chosen on that particular site (from a sample.) Weirdly, as you peruse the list, you find a part of yourself becoming one of the people who would select such passwords and your knuckles begin to trail across the floor as a slow-moving waterfall of drool tumbles from your bottom lip…

1 123456

2 12345

3 123456789

4 Password

5 iloveyou

6 princess

7 rockyou

8 1234567

9 12345678

10 abc123



  • MayContainNuts
    This suggests to me that the majority of people who used this site used fake email addresses and throw away accounts, not that they're daft enough to set a password to 12345... What's the number of accounts created with an email address of [email protected], etc?
  • dunfyboy
    MCN, you're letting facts get in the way of a good story. Well, I say good story ...
  • Simon C.
    Computers were not made for 100% of the population. I am a courier and unfortunately, people cannot even write their addresses correctly when they make purchases. Incorrectly addressed parcels are on the increase mainly due to people using computers to pay for goods and either not paying attention during checkout, not changing their address when they move (and either using autofill to cock the address up or not bothering to change the address with the site they buy from) or a mixture of both. I.e Gordon Brown, 10 Downing Street, Swansea. I had a parcel this week, for my local hospital - only it was addressed to the old hospital 4 miles away which was knocked down 8 years ago. Incompetence is everywhere. Still, if you gives monkeys typewriters.....
  • Lefty
    If I used just numbers for passwords i'd be clever, I'd number backwards. 987654321 ....Opps, should I have revealed that?
  • Mark M.
    Lefty... how the hell have you worked out my password!!! I'm going to have to change mine now to drowssap
  • Lefty
    Mark drowssap is safe, I'd never remember that....I'm Dis-lex-ic
  • Artemis
    What they don't reveal is how 'many' used those passwords. If the selection was 32 million and 55 people used 123456 then it's hardly staistically significant despite being the most popular one. Not exactly going to go through all 32 million accounts and try that password are ya.
  • Andrew
    I thought passwords weren't retrievable by admins etc on websites and were usually encrypted so they are only viewable as hashes?
  • Junkyard
    Andrew - that's only the case when the site designer is not a retard.
  • Jimmy B.
    This really isn't surprising. We'd all be amazed how much this wouldn't happen if people took the extra .5 seconds to add a number or two to the end of their password. Leave the door open and people will come in. Using passwords like "1234" just isn't smart.

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