HTC make gold phone, yours for £2,750

htc gold HTC have hit on an idea of improving their profits - charging £2,750 for a handset!

That's right, you can buy an all-gold edition of the HTC One should you so desire. Of course, Apple and Samsung have released only gold coloured smartphones, but HTC are showing off, using 18ct gold-plating.

These handsets, of which there are only five, have been produced to promote the 18th anniversary of the MOBO awards, which is why the MOBO logo appears on the back of the golden phone.

And while the HTC One has won over critics, the company posted its first quarterly loss last week, which means they've got a lot of work to do if they're going to avoid going under.

In an interview, HTC’s Chairwoman Cher Wang said that the company's next few months would be its “biggest challenge” and that, even though HTC have "the best technology and product", it is failing to get through to customers.

So they've made a gold one.

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  • algernon
    its promotional. its not for the likes of us. i keep telling you, know your place.

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