HTC is brand of the year and the Desire is phone of the year, says award ceremony

Bitterwallet - HTC Desire

Award ceremonies are pretty pointless really. They're just an excuse for everyone to pat each other on the back and eye them up for ideas and jobs. And last night, T3 had one where everyone probably laughed at those who turned up from Windows thanks to those terrible 7 second commercials and their rubbish phones.

One of the big bits of news to come from the event was Taiwanese phone makers HTC capping off an impressive year by bagging the brand of the year award, while its flagship device, the HTC Desire, was named phone of the year.

Apple got a look-in too with the iPad named gadget of the year and innovation of the year at the annual nerd junket. It was a good evening for Apple as they also scooped retailer of the year, the iPhone 4 got the gong for commuter gadget of the year and the MacBook Pro was named computer of the year.

Luke Peters, editor of T3, told the Telegraph: “HTC bagged the technology brand of the year award because not only do they have great products, but they’ve got the personality to match.”

Presumably, he wasn't thinking about those awful adverts the company have sprayed on shop shutters. Anyway, for the full list of winners, click over the jump.

App of the year: Google Maps Navigation

Music gadget of the year: Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Gaming gadget of the year: Alienware M11x

Home gadget of the year: Samsung NaviBot SR8845E

Commuter gadget of the year: Apple iPhone 4

Green gadget of the year: OneClick Intelliplug

Work gadget of the year: Three Mobile Mi-Fi

Innovation of the year: Apple iPad

New media service of the year: Spotify

Computer of the year: Apple MacBook Pro

Camera of the year: Panasonic Lumix GF1

Camcorder of the year: Sanyo Xacti VPC-CS1

Retailer of the year: Apple Store

T3 Design Award: Samsung UE55C9000

TV of the year: Panasonic Viera TX-P50VT20B

Gadget personality of the year: Suzi Perry

Tech brand of the year: HTC

Phone of the year: HTC Desire

Gadget of the year: Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G


  • Colonel S.
    Suzi Perry... Splurt
  • Brad
    She does seem to be getting better with age.
  • Laurz
    How can the Desire be the phone of the year and the iphone be the commuter gadget of the year? Theyre the same product by different companies. It's like the News of the world winning newspaper of the year and the Telegraph winning printed media of the year at the same awards ceremony.
  • Brad
    Probably something to do with keeping on Apples good side, They are notorious for acting the cunt to you if you upset them, especially if your line of business is technology.
  • -]
    They obviously thought the phone functions of the desire were greater than any other phone on the market, but as the iphone had it beat as an overall gadget. I disagree with them, but it is quite obvious to see where they are coming from.
  • klingelton
    Polly's better. i know of a couple of gadgets i'd use on her... is a gadget something that has to be the best at what it does or is it something people need to own to be seen as stylish? former htc desire wins, latter iphone wins. btw - i'm not saying the iPhone is a rubbish phone, it's very very good. it's just no longer the best. I'd say it's an interesting position for apple to be in and i can't wait to see how they react.
  • christy
    Commuter gadget of the year - a glass brick to lob at that bastard who lifted your desire on the underground.
  • Junkyard
    Laurz - it's simple. The Desire got "phone of the year" because it was the best phone. The iPhone 4 got "commuter gadget of the year" because it ceases to be a phone as soon as you hold it in the wrong place.
  • Michael
    The Desire is by far the coolest phone i ever used. And I have the rare feeling that I will be pleased by the phone for a longer time...
  • klingelton
    @Michael: I have a similar relationship with my Touch Pro 2. and i know there's better out there. It's like shagging Kiera Knightley knowing that Natalie Portman's ready to clean your dick after.
  • PokeHerPete
    Hey hey hey, at least these awards are of interest to the general public. They aren't some shitty music award to further line the pockets of already overpaid twatty music artist which noone gives the slightest shit if they win apart from themselves and their producer.
  • PokeHerPete
    Btw Desire FTW
  • -]
    TBH, as a member of the public I am more interested in music awards than gadget awards. Just not shitty commercial music awards...

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