HTC Desire to get Gingerbread UK update soon, okay?

11 July 2011

Bitterwallet - HTC DesireiPhone users must snigger when they read about the trouble with HTC Desire's Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. You don't get such bother with an Apple product... but you do look like a pious twat, so things do balance out a little (but not wholly because Android users as equally preachy).

Anyway, there's been something of a soap opera surrounding the Gingerbread update, which is about to resolve in the UK.

Initially, HTC said that they wouldn't be making the update (which, in fairness, means absolutely nothing to most smartphone users) available for the Desire because of the pitiful memory it holds.

Then they changed their mind after a few dweebs kicked up a stink about it.

Since the announcement, there's been a drip-feed for tedious information, and the latest is that testing has finished, which we understand means that any major bugs have been ironed out and they're now sorting out the few remaining fiddly bits.

It is thought that the update will start appearing on smartphones before this month is out, or at the least, the start of next month.

One vaguely interesting thing is that the update is likely to be available for Desires that were bought SIM-free and unlocked, which is rather kind of HTC isn't it?


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  • samuri
    updated mine 2 weeks ago wot you onaboot
  • HTC N.
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  • maxtweenie
    Your 'vaguely interesting' thing just means that unlocked, sim free phones get the update directly OTA from HTC, while those of us on contract with one of the delightful mobile operators have to wait until they've fucked around with it, and added all kinds of shit that wasn't on the original updates. Tossers.
  • UD
    No such bother indeed with an Apple product. Now then, if I hold it the right way I should get a signal any second now!

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