HTC take a flyer with their new tablet PC

15 February 2011


There's been a definite sense of bandwagonism regarding many tech companies decision to release tablet devices. HTC have now jumped on board with a new device called 'Flyer'.

The HTC Flyer aims to take on Apple in the tablet market with a device that holds a 1.5Ghz processor, a 7 inch display (they'll invariably announce a slightly bigger one, soon) and a new version of HTC Sense. It'll be held in an aluminum unibody design with touch and pen interaction. HTC are crowing that the HTC Flyer will be ultra-light, "weighing as little as a paperback book and compact enough to fit in a jacket pocket".

“Clearly, smartphones have transformed our lives but as we observed how people use smartphones, computers and other technologies, we saw an opportunity to create a tablet experience that is different, more personal and productive,” says Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “We are progressing down a path as an industry when people will no longer be in a single device paradigm, but have multiple wireless devices for different needs; this is the direction we are moving.”

The Flyer will also be launched with HTC Watch, a new connected video service which will collaborate with OnLive, Inc. to launch the first cloud-based mobile gaming service on a tablet. The HTC Flyer will be available in the second quarter of 2011.

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  • Nick T.
    Well HTC, let me tell you this: MY money will be going to the first company offering me a single device paradigm experience, er, thing.
  • Alexis
    High Tech Computer (snigger)
  • ipaq i.
    just how many years agp where HTC making ipaqs many many before apple even considered adding I amazed they have only just decided to do this loved my old compaq badged HTC portable pc
  • br04dyz
    Tablets will live and die by their screen / battery / connectivity / user experience. If this is as good as their Andriod handsets, reckon it won't be long before you here people say "Apple who?" Personally, I don't get the whole tablet thing BUT mounted in the kitchen, with tv streaming to it and recipes on hand, I reckon its a winner, unless they want £500 quid for it then its doomed
  • Inspector G.
    >Clearly, smartphones have transformed our lives I wouldn't say that the ability to read Sickipedia whist taking a shit ha transformed my life.
  • The B.
    And that's the problem, it won't come in under £500, I'm willing to pay £200 for a bit of fluff like this but >£500? Get stuffed, I could get a decent gaming laptop for that, rather that than some half arsed pad.
  • Joseph S.
    Super. How much? It looks like the sort of thing I might be prepared to pay £100 for. Not £500, or £300 or even £200. This isn't an interesting story, and it won't be an interesting story till you can tell us about a desirable object of this kind - so not a Binatone, for example - costing £100.
  • Hibdon
    Thanks for blog. But some points are a little confusing. First, you talk about it having Android 2.2 but then say it has Gingerbread.

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