HTC 7 Pro Windows smartphone to hit the shelves in February

21 January 2011


HTC have been busy making newer, posher phones for us to buy as they attempt to overtake the iPhone. And according to reports, it is making good ground on the Apple creation.

And this year, there'll be more HTC phones to consider. In February, the HTC 7 Pro handset will be available in the UK. It features a sliding keypad and a 480 x 800 pixel, 3.6-inch screen, which tilts up when the QWERTY keypad slides out, as well as a 1GHz processor and 578 MB of RAM, according to a report.

There have also been leaked pictures of two new HTC phones. There's a new take on the Desire handset, looking more rounded that the previous outing, however, with a front-facing camera and a noticeable lack of optical trackpad.

There's also a smaller phone being shown, with a odd looking old-fashioned navigation ball. However, this appears to be the bargain priced option for HTC, which could sell like hot-cakes as more people gravitate toward buying a smartphone.

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