HP Touchpad bundle, back in stock and going cheap at PC World

9 September 2011

Bitterwallet - HP Touchpad Hot UK Deals

The HP Touchpad crashed a load of sites when it was being sold for £89 after HP announced that they couldn't be bothered making it anymore.

And now, there's more deals on the tablet as PC World have it back in stock and flogging it to the tech-curious.

For your money, you get a the Touchpad bundled with a case and charging dock. Worth a look if you want something of a bargain. Of course, PC World are making a bit extra by not selling everything separately, but there you go.

For the 16gb version, the product code is 268777. For 32gb, it's 835434. Either way, you'll need to act quickly as these are flying off the virtual shelves like nobody's business.

Visit HDUK for the deal, chumps

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  • Skymarshall
  • Martin
  • The B.
    That's gone up in price ever so slightly hasn't it? Incidentally, it appears to be on all DSGi sites.
  • Dick
  • Catweazle
    Quick , only a few left at a grand apiece........ http://www.dixons.co.uk/gbuk/touchpad-tablet-pc-32gb-10834969-pdt.html

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