HP TouchPad: $99 in USA or, a rubbish £349 in UK

22 August 2011

hp_touchpadThose lovely UK retailers have decided to cut the price of the HP TouchPad in a bid to shift some stock.

Those nice folks at Amazon have cut their £400 pricetag to £312 while Argos are offering it for £349.99. A veritable fire clearance after HP said they won't be making anymore of these devices.

However, it isn't that great. That's because over in the US, Best Buy are flogging them for a measly $99, as well as offering refunds to customers who bought the TouchPad at full price.

They say: "Due to HP's decision to discontinue its TouchPad product, Best Buy will now provide clearance pricing for all TouchPad 16GB and 32GB models regardless of previously advertised prices or promotions."

"Customers who purchased the 16GB or 32GB TouchPad after 19 June may come into the store to get either a full refund or a refund of the difference between the price they paid and the clearance price."

So, wait. In America, you can pick a tablet up for £60 and we're forking out over £300? Brilliant. That's just fantastic that is.

Nice to see UK retailers looking after their customers so much.

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  • StuPid
    A few rumours circulating that both sizes will be dropped tomorrow to £89 for the 16GB version, and £115 for the 32GB version. Really hope so, and that Argos honour reservations on them
  • StuPid
    Dixons group just confirmed Price drop
  • greg
    on the Watch Video part of this product on the Currys website, it says "look how vibrant the images are on the 9.7inch touchscreen..." not very fucking useful is it when i'm looking at on my laptop screen! i'm not gonna get how fucking vibrant it is. proof that currys, and the whole group top to bottom, are run by stupid, stupid, stupid cunts
  • I a.
    Good point Greg, reminds me of those adverts for Sky HD that are broadcast on standard TV and are harping on about "look at how high quality the pictures are". Tho in that case what annoys me more are even though its only an SD broadcast, the images are higher quality than normal. So why not just broadcast everything at that quality, rather than me having to pay more? Since the equipment I have now seems to take it. Swines

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