HP to refund TouchPad customers

12 September 2011

hp_touchpadHewlett Packard haven't ever had so much press as they've been getting recently. They should discontinue everything they do entirely to ensure they get the column inches FOREVER.

Anyway, this is once again, a tale regarding the HP TouchPad. And it's good news for those who have bought one because HP is going to refund hundreds of pounds to customers who forked out for  the failed gizmo at full whack.

If you stumped up the full price for their TouchPad before August 23rd, you will get a refund. But how much?

Well, for the bottom-of-the-range, 16GB, Wi-Fi only TouchPad, you'll receive the difference between whatever you paid and £89 (which is the discount price). There'll be similar compensation for the more expensive models, and to those who bought the Pre3 smartphone, which also got culled by HP.

HP said the refunds were "our way saying thank you for choosing HP webOS", the operating system on which the TouchPad and Pre3 are based.

This is great news if you bought a TouchPad from Amazon as they said they wouldn't be offering any kind of compo to consumers because they're tight-fisted sods.

So there you have it. Money for nuthin'. Great stuff.

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