How to earn money from online questionaires

If the idea of earning a few extra pounds while sat about in your yellowing underwear eating Doritos appeals to you, then you're probably already signed up to every online research company wanting your views on the economy, healthcare products and biscuits.

If you're not, WiseBread has compiled an indecently in-depth list of legitimate research sites you can earn money from, as well as a list of sites to avoid and tips for earning by completing online questionaires. Three of the best pieces of advice WiseBread has to offer are:

Don't pay to work. A legitimate research company will never ask you to pay in order to access their surveys.  Some sites are actually "membership clubs" that require a fee in order to get their directory of survey companies.  They might claim that their directory is only filled with the best survey sites.  But their directory often consists of the most spammy and lowest incentive companies. Just start slow - sign up for the most reputable ones (listed below) and add more as you go. You don't need to pay someone else to do that for you.

Sign up for research companies, not directories. Some sites make their money through referral fees. They'll get your information and sign you up with hundreds of other survey companies who pay for new users. These might be hard to spot at first because they don't require a fee like the membership clubs mentioned above. Look for the "about us" section and see whether the company actually conducts research on behalf of real clients. Look out for language like "we send you surveys from top survey companies."

Have a dedicated email, mailing address, and credit card. Expect a lot of spam, both in your email inbox and real mailbox. And if you're going to try out the paid offers route, definitely make sure to have a separate credit card that you can monitor for identity theft and unauthorised charges. You might also consider doing all your paid survey/offers on a dedicated computer that doesn't have access to sensitive files or online information.

While slogging through surveys is mundane stuff, if you'd like to see how much money you could earn for having a point of view, you won't find a more comprehensive guide than this.



  • tits
    Yougov is a reputable survey company, but their surveys do get a bit long in the tooth. It's not all money money money though - I've been a member for 3 years or so and still haven't reached the minimum £50 payout :(
  • badmanz
    Having been unemployed for three weeks, i have tried a few of these make-money-in-your-pants internet schemes, most taken from here, hxxp:// , but i still find poker to be a more valuable use of time.
  • Gus
    All those surveys are a Rip off waste of time. They might consume 30 min of your time and pay you £1.00 within two months. Even worse than time some of them ask you dozen of questions and then tell you that you don't qualify. Flicking bastards they get your time for free. If somebody says that he or She is living on internet surveys you might as well send a DSS inspector because they are just milking benefits.
  • The B.
    Yeah, I agree about yougov, I've been a member about 5 years and I'm about four quid off the fifty.
  • din
    I've tried some of these with questionable success. A good number of these surveys are aimed at certain markets, so being in Canada I find that some of the top sites listed almost NEVER have surveys for me, and even when they do I'm rejected 2 questions in. Can't say if this is the case for those of you in the UK, but I suspect so. I've seen a lot targeting Americans. One site I've had success with is Opinion Outpost so I'll vouch for them. They're the only site who regularly send me surveys and usually the ones they do send I can get all the way through. I've actually received $15 USD by cheque and have another supposed $10 on the way. These sites may be good if you've got some free time and are interested in a small amount of extra cash, but don't count on them becoming a substantial source of income.
  • Sandeep
    You need to get onto some good ones, I have made a lot of money from them. In 3 years I have made £750 from quidco, £90 from Valued opinions (taken out in £10 vouchers), £100 from lightspeed (2 years) can be potentially taken out in £1 vouchers and AutoInsight which I get around £7.50-£15 every 2 months.
  • Gus
    Sandeed. If you calculate the amount of time that you spend doing those surveys you would see that you are getting far less than the minimum age. I got amazon vouchers from valued opinions but most of the time I randonly click on the answers as they do take a piss paying £0.75 for a 20 minutes survey! Solution. tabed browser. Do your thing in one tabe and click on those bollocks on the other
  • Liam
    Panelbase is the best, good surveys, pay highest, easy to do - and the more friends you refer the more money you get. Believe me it's the best one out there if you've got the time and inclination to do them. Did one on Mars Planets the other day, 10 mins, got a quid. Woweee
  • Sandeep
    Gus - I only do surveys which give me money 'worth' £5 an hour and I do this during my work time anyway. I finish them quickly too and yes, tabbed browsing helps. I must say though, Valued opinions is the best for interactive surveys which pay £25 - £50 for a week (I have been on 3 of these so far) where you are given a link to a forum and participate (as much or as little as you like) then at the end of the week they send you a cheque in the post (it is handled by a company external to Valued Opinions)
  • Gus
    Forgot to mention... yougov since 2006 just reached £38.50 maybe in 2010 I will get my money
  • Octobergirl
    Lightspeed is a good one for the past three years I have been able to have National Geographic delivered every month for completing the odd survey I have also had a few £10 vouchers. Also New Vista, they are good I am able to change my points to Virgin Miles and had earned over 1000 since joning late last year.
  • retardo
    I don't understand what everyone's complaining about, it's free money! I've already made well over £50 (and received a cheque for this) with New Vista in the past 2 years, and am only a survey away from another £50 cheque. You get about £1 per 5 minutes, so there really isn't anything to complain about.
  • Tom
    Don't waste your time reading the crap surveys they send, just click on anything, and don't write long essays as answers, just type "i think so" or "don't know". I make good money from Pinecone for a couple of minutes work (multiple accounts)
  • j
    have made £75 from pureprofile doing the odd survey over the last couple of years
  • jaysexy212005
    Seems like a waste of time filling out surveys that take a good 30-60mins and only get paid peanuts for them.
  • Ste P.
    Although you can't earn a living from this online survey site, is by far the best paying site. You are asked to review well-known and trusted e-retailers such as Littlewoods, Figleaves, Interflora, TalkTalk and the like, sometimes with a generous purchase and refund allowance. The basic survey fee is a minimum £3,50 for no more than about 40 mins work and adding on the allowances, each survey can be worth up to about £18 for simply ordering an item and maybe returning it. A great way to subsidise birthdays and Christmas shopping if nothing else! I've been working with this company for several years and have never had a problem, they are very trustworthy, do not sell your details and have an easy to reach £15 payout level, redeemable monthly by cheque. In short, highly recommended.
  • Snakebite
    I am part of Pinecone Reasearch which pay £4 per survey - usually 20mins or so long. I have been with them for 2 years and have recieved just under £100 from them. I have also recieved a number of free products to test as well which are useful round the home - bleach etc. I'm also with Lightspeed, and over 2 years have had about £200 in vouchers off them. They also send free product trials but less so than Pinecone. Also, I have been with Ipoints for 2 years and have earned enough points to get an Ipod Shuffle, Bluetooth headphones and am not far off an ipod nano (so about £250 in value). I would recommend any of the above if you are looking for a little extra cash or some freebies. I do get screened out of alot of the surveys but still manage to get a decent amount.
  • CPALead
    Good post. There are loads of ways to earn online, my personal favourite is CPALead. It works like this: you put some code on your site and it locks down the site. The visitors must complete a survey to unlock the page and access your content. For each survey/offer completed you earn money. It can range from $0.26 to $20 for each one completed... I use it and have earned $800 in a short amount of time. Some people earn $3000 per month and a few guys earn $30,000+ per month! One dude earns $100,000 per month... how, I don't know. :P EVERYONE is welcome, doesn't matter which country you're from... and they allow all sorts of sites. Only 2 things they don't allow is porn and fake content. So just think about it... if you get 100 visitors to your site (easy to do, I get way more) and 50 of them do the survey ($1/per survey on average, for example) you'd get $50. Sweet! Imagine if they all did $10 surveys... that's $500! Crazy amount! Anyway, take a look. They pay NET-30 via PayPal, cheque and wire transfer. Always pay on time, I've been paid twice now (wire transfer). Click my name to visit them or go here: Good blog, I'll bookmark it and check out some more posts. :)

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