How to build a 3D camera for that special occasion

Now we're reluctant to comment on where the events in this photo are about to lead. The pony certainly doesn't look best pleased with the situation. Actually, the point of it is to demonstrate the 3D stereographic effect. While it's hardly as professional as an IMAX presentation, it's a very cheap and different way to record a birthday party, office night, fist fight or wet t-shirt competition.

How do you build a 3D camera, anyway? According to Photojojo, with Duct tape, obviously. And two disposable cameras, more importantly:

Step 1: Turn one of the cameras upside down to get the two lenses as close together as possible (lenses aren’t usually located in the center of the camera). Line the cameras up so the lenses are on the same level.

Step 2: Tape the cameras together with duct tape. Don’t cover up the shutter buttons or winding mechanisms.

And that's pretty much it. Animating the photos is as easy as crossing your eyes or quick fiddle with Photoshop. Photojojo has all the details, so you'll be making 3D porn portraits of the kids and the family in no time at all.



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    Is it true that the bird on the right choked to death on horse smegma?
  • az
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  • Mike H.
    az, he meant the bird in the bunny suit. Your mum, Mike Hock
  • Ben
    Apparently the rabbit got it started she did the real work
  • Chris
    Are you suggesting the rabbit is a fluffy fluffer ?
  • Ben
    read into it what u would like im just commenting on what i see in the picture and i can see she is just approaching (still walking) and his smile says hes been there a while waiting
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    What's a left dumb***?
  • The B.
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    i mean instead of writing about 'that the bird on the right choked to death on horse smegma?' or that they can stand on the ceiling when they wanted to u went on about taping cameras together and make a annoying wobbly thing

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