How many internet things do you own?

slow-internet-connection Unless you're wearing a tinfoil hat and worried about people spying on you, getting someone to read this out to you on a self-destructing sheet of paper in a lead coated house, chances are, you've got some internet on you.

With that, we mean devices that access the internet. In Britain, we have a lot of gadgets and according to a survey, the average British household owns 7.4 internet devices. Your old HTC Desire that ran out of memory after a week counts as the .4 or something.

Count up how many you have. Tablets? Phones? Consoles? Laptops? There's a lot of stuff that talks to the internet these days.

The survey also showed that people are getting more into the idea of tablets, with 40% having purchased one within the last year. The YouGov poll found that consumers are most likely to have a smartphone to get online, followed by laptops and then tablets. Per British household, on average, there's 1.7 smartphones, 1.3 laptops, and 1.2 tablets. How about that then? 70% of households now have at least one tablet. 11% have three or more, like massive show-offs.

When the survey asked which bit of your life would be most affected without the internet or phones, 51% said banking and finance. After constantly checking your balance came keeping up with the news (42%), shopping (38%) and relationships (37%).

And how much would you pay for internet things? Well, the survey found that the average Briton would be willing to pay up to £1.53 a month for their email service, £1.33 to use search engines, £1.10 for video content, 92p for news websites, 88p for social media, 55p for online games and 52p for price comparison sites.

Let us hope we don't have to pay subscriptions to our own emails and tweets, eh?

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