HotUKDeals Of The Eve - Wednesday 7th July

hukd_logob1 Eh? What? Natalie Imbruglia! Sorry – we nodded off for a bit when it was time to round up the Deals Of The Day. But they’re here now, for you to peruse while you gargle your Ovaltine and consider wearing your slippers to work tomorrow.

As ever, the bargains are provided by the freshly-polished, glitch-free (ahem) HotUKDeals...

715434_1Firstly, a spot of automobile modification. No, we’re not talking about getting lightning strikes painted up the side or jagged blades that emerge from your wheels so that you can slash the tyres of fellow racers – we’re talking about cruise control.

If you’ve got a Vauxhall (and let's face it, who hasn't these days, eh girls?), it seems you can get cruise control enabled on your car for as little as £67.00. Obviously it’ll depend on what model you’ve got and whether you live close to a dealer that’ll do the job. But it all sounds very desirable and affordable if you ask us.

715317_1Next, some cheapo cables for your HD audio-visual home empire. The debate rages on as to whether cheap cables work as good as hyper-expensive ones and we’ll be inviting representatives of both sides of the argument to have it out once and for all in a doorless, windowless room sometime in 2019.

But for now, you can get yourself cabled up to the frigging gills with these – a 2 metre HDMI cable for £1.93 (with other lengths at other prices) and a HDMI male-to-female video converter adapter for only £1.55 delivered.

715526_1Wow, all that exciting talk about cables has gotten us plenty thirsty and we fancy a pint. But where is the nearest pub? Gah – it’s over a mile away. If only we had our own pub that we could erect whenever we fancied a bevy – like an inflatable one.

WELL NOW WE CAN! Here’s an inflatable boozer for just £5,275.00, replete with pan-tiled roof effect, chimney pots and a brick effect exterior. There’s three windows and you can even choose between between one or two doors. If you’re feeling generous, why not opt for the 50-person version for only £27,815? Because it’s idiotic that’s why.

(deals found by HUKD members sly200sx, pctech86, craig-uk and dufus124)

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