HotUKDeals Of The Eve - Wednesday 4th August

hukd_logob1 Okay, we’re late again because today’s deals are so HOT that we had to put them on the windowsill so they could cool down. And they’re a bit more impressive than a Tesco funnel for 9p as well!

As ever, they have emanated from the bargain Xanadu that is HotUKDeals. Go there for more of the same…

732329_1We kick off with a camera. The humble camera. It barely looks powerful enough to be able to smash the window of an abandoned hospital yet its powers are mighty and many and great and good.

It can capture images for a lifetime, allowing you to remember loads of shit that you might otherwise forget. One of the best cameras in the known world is probably the blue Canon Powershot A80. Get one now for only £39.99. (down from £91.76)

732313_1Next comes a little gizmo that can power up a whole host of entertainment devices in your car while you are on the move from adventure to adventure – something that we’re sure has to be one of the best inventions in the known world.

It’s a 1000mA USB adaptor car cigarette plugger-inner thingy that will pump hour after hour of power into a wide range of gadgets leaving you free to drive around and that. The guys and dolls over at HUKD are having a discussion about what it will and won’t charge up – while they’re doing that, why not get out your £1.70 and get yourself one.

731965_1Finally, who among us can honestly say that they hate sandwiches? The humble sandwich, probably one of the greatest foodular products ever invented by man, beast or robot. Except for the KFC Double Down – that was just fucking disgusting.

Speaking of double, we’re offering you the chance to temporarily acquire double vision when it comes to your sandwiches. You can get two Greggs sandwiches for the price of one, leaving you with the dilemma of sharing the spare with someone or scoffing the lot for yourself. Tough call soldier…

(deals found by HUKD members jordan210, elrasho, Voyto, and notts6501)

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    What's not to like about a KFC Double D? You a veggie, Andy Dawson?

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