HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 7th September

new hukd logo Maybe you’d now like to lie on the floor or hang on to something sturdy for the next few minutes. That’s because we’ve got a set of bargains for you that are so phenomenal that they’ll make your head spin off its axis.

Where did we get them from? HotUKDeals of course. It’s DANGEROUS.

1010465_1Have you got one of them fancy-pants Blu-ray disc players yet? You haven’t? What else haven’t you got – a Sony Walkman? Milk in cartons? LSD?? You’d better look into rectifying that then. Maybe not the LSD though eh?

We can definitely help you with the Blu-ray player though. We can offer you a Toshiba BDX1100 for only £39.99 delivered. It’s manufacturer-refurbished but you’ll get a 12 month warranty thrown in, and it would normally cost you about £100 if you were to buy one new.

1010884_1Here in Britain, we tend to have just two types of weather – hot and shite. Now that summer seems to have scuttled off towards Australia, we’re looking at the latter, and that means cold, icy winds, torrential rain and sub-zero conditions.

With that in mind, you might like to think about investing in some appropriate clothing for the winter months. There’s a range of Berghaus goods on special offer, with as much as 50% off right now. Prices go from £6 to £65 and there’s jackets, fleeces, trousers, gloves and all that kind of stuff. Mmmm… toasty.

1010692_1Finally today, a rare chance for your little one to show their loyalty to the Toy Story brand. We’ve never seen any merchandising for this little-know series of films so it’d be good for you to get in on the ground floor before everyone gets a piece.

For only £9.50, it’s a Toy Story-branded trike, allowing your tiny youngling to emulate the stars of the films, whose names escape us at the moment. We think one of them is called Alan though. There’s even a handle on the back, so it’ll be just like the scene in the film when Alan is getting pushed around on his trike by his gay dads. Or something.

(deals found by HUKD members andywedge,aldante76 and hashman)

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    Gah! Sony's MP3 players are called Walkmans. I have a walkman, it's not a funny retro item, it just makes you look dumb using it that way. The whole world doesn't wet their panties at Apple i-tems.

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