HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 3rd December

Let us take you to a land with lanes lined with trees. From each tree hangs hundreds and hundreds of bargains, each and every one ripe for the picking. If HotUKDeals was a real place, that’s what it would be like. And the people responsible for today’s choicest bargains would be long-armed deal-pickers with pouches that they’d use to store them in.

S**t, I started a sentence with the word ‘and.’ Sorry. And I asterisked out a swear word. Bollocks.

California bankruptcy latest – as Arnie struggles to find the cash that’ll stop California from being angle-grinded off the coast of the USA and floated into the Pacific, one source of quick income has emerged.

It’s the Alien/Predator DVD box set – now yours for just £12.99 and containing all four Alien films, two Predator films and two Alien/Predator films. Arnie’s royalty may only be a small slice of that £12.99 but if we all club together we can surely save The Golden State from near-certain oblivion. Come on people – let’s make a difference.
(deal found by WonderWoman - phwooar!)

Another way to make a difference at this time of year is to not get pissed before you drive your car. Drink driving sounds exciting in theory but it usually ends in a massive tragident. So don’t do it. Or drink Skol.

Luckily, loads of UK pubs will be getting behind a 3-for-1 Coke offer this Christmas, so your designated driver will be able to drive home all hyped-up from the sugar and caffeine and gassier than a Zeppelin, but at least he won’t be pissed.
(deal found by dropshopliverpoo)

If you are drinking and looking for cheap, meaningless sex while you’re about it, you could do a lot worse than this pack of 50 condoms for just £2.20. That’s less than 5p a go and at that price, they MUST be top quality.

Or are they? If you don’t fancy finding out and having a nursery to decorate and kit out in 9 months time, it might be worth giving them a body swerve. HUKD user peodude has provided his/her own special contribution to the debate (below).
(deal found by paperclip)


  • bod
    "S**t, I started a sentence with the word ‘and.’ Sorry. And I asterisked out a swear word. Bollocks." lol, in before the h4terz appear again.
  • darren
    Some people just don't get humour.
  • Mike H.
    I'd be dubious with the safety of them jimmies, to be on the safe side, i'd slap a couple of them bad boys on, making this 'hot deal', a 'not-so hot-deal' @ £2.20 for 25 goes on a bastard. To be honest, after 3 pints of coke, I doubt you'd be able to see what you're fucking doing anyway, to be honest after 3 pints of coke, you ain't gonna want to bang that fat porky bitch you've been eyeing up in the corner with the unused misletoe anyway. A better way to spend the evening would be to fill the jimmies with the free coke and lob them at your pissed-up mates, random passers by, and the fat slag you're glad you didn't pork. I do enjoy a good fuck
  • Mark
    There's humour... and then there's unfunny pointless bollocks
  • Mike H.
    So you're saying you have pointless bollocks that are humourous?
  • Mark
    I don't know "Mike Hock" - am I? :P
  • Mike H.
    I don't know - "Mark ..." are you? :p

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