HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 15th September

15 September 2010

hukd_logob1 Sit up straight, fold your arms and treat yourself to a portion of the sizzly-most bargains from anywhere on the known internet, collated and presented here for you with a blob of clotted cream on the top. Invisible clotted cream no less.

The creamy bunch over at HotUKDeals put it all together – they’re like Oompa Loompas, only sexier.

757735_1First of all, a deal that has been so hot over the past day that we’ve had to throw in excess of two tons of ice cubes on it just in order to stop it from melting the BW underground HQ. Mind you, we’ve toasted some lovely marshmallows off of it.

It’s a major drop in the cost of a year’s subscription to Xbox Live Gold – the price currently slashed to just £23.99. Take a trip over to HUKD first though – there’s more advice there about how not to get stung on an auto-renewal charge or something.

757853_1Let’s do the Hard Drive Hokey Cokey Conundrum. Do you like to have your hard drive in or your hard drive out? Less importantly, do you like to shake it all about? Either way, there’s something here for you if you’re into affordable mass data storage.

If you like it all hanging out, then take a look at the Western Digital 1TB (that’s tittybite remember) external hard drive for just £44.97. An extra £1.43 will get you an extra half a tittybite, with a 1.5TB hard drive available for only £46.40, although it’s a shy little internal one.

758154_1Finally, another offer relating to the greatest film that has been or ever will be made. Stick your Citizen Kane and your Porky’s right up your hole, because we’re talking about Toy Story 3.

Here’s a pre-order for a Blu-ray box set of the entire Toy Story trilogy for just £27.97, although you can have it for £23.77 if you successfully use a magic code. That’s less than £8 per film on Blu-ray. As Buzz Lightbox would say: “I’m going to infinity now – I may be some time!” Love it we do.

(deals found by HUKD members Jamjaw, robappleby89, djfluff and kindafunnylookin)

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