HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 7th June

hukd_logob1 As the old saying goes, you don’t buy a dog and bark yourself. But if you were going to try and do such a thing, your best bet would be to browse our daily round-up of the best bargains that are out there at the moment.

Sadly, there are no non-barking dogs for sale today – but you might find one over at HotUKDeals...

953171_1Cut-price fizzy pop is always a massive hit at HotUKDeals, generating tremendous heat whenever a bargain pops up (pops up – do you see what we did there?). Ironically, if you do heat up soft drinks, they generally taste disgusting.

It’s Pepsi’s turn to be in the limelight, and you’ll be able to get 24x330ml cans of the stuff for only £5.00 from tomorrow. That works out at only 21p per can, and no doubt most of you will sacrifice a can or two as you boil some up to see if you agree with us.

953118_1We move on from the glamorous world of fizzy pop and turn our attentions to the boring, fusty world of hard drives. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

But your eyes and ears will perk up when you learn that it’s a massive 1.5TB (tittybite) SATA hard drive as made by the boffins at Seagate and that it comes with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY. Best of all, it could be yours for just £39.99. No wait, come back, there’s another offer to tell you about!

952836_1Finally an offer for those of you who like to put in a bit of work before you get your mighty savings. It’s one that will get you some Ariel stain remover powder or gel for as little as 27p. That’s a small price for a lot of stain removage.

There’s some voucher-printing and some complex instructions to follow that we don’t completely understand but just image the feeling of achievement that you’ll have once it’s all over and you’re removing stains like there’s no tomorrow.

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, turbob and glitterz_2k7)

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