HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 31st August

hukd_logob1 What’s this all about then? Simple – some of the most amazing bargains around on Planet Earth right now. You’ll weep with joy. No, really.

They’re all brought to you with the help of the tireless footsoldiers from HotUKDeals. Their eyes don’t weep in case they miss a bargain. Hardcore.

748631_1People, brace yourselves but we think we could be about to enter a new jet age when it comes the price of data storage. Forget about putting all your eggs into one basket, it is time to put all of your computery stuff into one small box. And then hope it doesn’t break.

We’re speaking about a Verbatim hard drive with a massive TWO tittybites (2TB) of storage – and all for just £89.99. It is tittybites isn’t it? Anyone got any evidence to confirm that it’s tittybites? Thanks.

748524_1Next, a good way for you to save thousands of pounds over the next few years by eradicating haircut expense among all your friends and family – assuming that they’re all happy to have suedeheads that is.

It’s a Philips QC5170 mains rechargeable hairclipper gizmoid for only £23.99 delivered. Its RRP is £50, but for less than half that, you and everyone you know can skulk about with the same haircut. Amazing.

748558_1Finally, we turn to the man they call ‘The Gaffer’. You know who we mean – Clint Eastwood. Still going strong at the age of 108, he’s made more than 500 films and you can get them all in one box set.

Possibly. But if you can, that’s not what we’re punting at you here. What we’ve got is a DVD box set of 35 Clint films from the last 35 years, for just £66.49. Wowzers – get off your horse and drink your milk indeed!

(deals found by HUKD members amibees, HotGBDeals and andywedge)


  • M4RKM
    I so want to edit a wikipedia article to tittybites now......
  • Nobby
    Or go to HMV or wherever, find that DVD box, and cover the small gap between the L and I with a sticker. Hee hee, it says CUNT.

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