HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 2nd June

It’s looking as though Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is stepping down, possibly to spend more time with her bongo-crazed husband. Who knows?

Either way, here’s some stuff that the impoverished Smiths will be able to afford without denting their withering bank account too much. All with the help of HotUKDeals.

From the 13th of June, the Smiths will be able to get their grabbing hands a 500GB external hard drive, which the they’ll be able to store masses of data on. What that data would hypothetically be is entirely their own business of course.

It’s a very tasty Targa-branded hard drive and as it will be available for only £34.99, it’s sure to sell out fast. Hopefully the existence of the deal will be confirmed soon and we’ll know for certain if the current hysteria over it was actually justified…

Now then, if the idea of Mr Smith ogling his collection of special interest films turns the stomach of his wife, she could always banish him to one of these, a discounted summer house or log cabin. Once ensconced inside, he can come and go as he pleases.

There’s about £1,000 off the price of these cosy wooden beauties at the moment. Much discussion about them along with some advice about potential planning issues over at HUKD.

When it comes to furnishing the summer house, Mr Smith might be keen on an HDMI DVD player that also plays Divx files. Apparently – there’s some debate over it going on at HUKD.

On the plus side, it’s only £19.99 and will be available from next Monday. Ample time for someone to ‘acquire’ loads of ‘stuff’ that could be burned on to a DVD and ‘watched’ in ‘private.’ Are you still reading this? It’s just that we don’t actually know what we’re going on about any more. And so another Deals Of The Day fizzles out unsatisfactorily…

(deals found by bowdown2thegame, SugarRay and sb1970)

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