HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 1st March

1 March 2011

hukd_logob1Are you sitting down? You should be. That’s because we’re hitting you with the triple whammy of booze, football and biscuits today. Huddle around and learn more, you greedy, needy lot.

All of this, of course, comes from HotUKDeals...

887204_1Everyone loves cookies don’t they? Well, apart from those poor sods who suffer from cookie intolerance or cookie allergies and stuff. Between you and us, we’re hoping that the government’s new ‘policies’ will see those people going to live ‘somewhere else’.

Leaving the rest of us normal sorts able to enjoy our cookies in peace and quiet. From tomorrow, that’s going to be a lot cheaper, because a ‘Five large cookies for a pound’ offer is going all BOGOF on our arses, giving us ten for a quid. Yes, we said ‘arses’.

887663_1If you’re a fan of Liverpool FC, it’s been a rough few years. Poor management from Rafa Benitez and Roy Hodgson, the disastrous tenure of them Americans and all of those uncomfortable footballing defeats.

But it’s all okay now – King Kenny is back at the helm, at in Andy Carroll, you have undoubtedly signed The Greatest Player In The World. Why not celebrate by investing in the current home shirt (guaranteed to stay in date until 2012) for only £9.80 delivered. Rah ta ta tah! Go Reds!

887667_1Finally for now, something else that goes hand in hand with cookies and football when it comes to self-indulgence – why it’s only lager of course! Our spies have alerted us to some cheap slabs of the stuff that might appeal to you.

There’s 24 x 440ml cans of Carling for only £12 and 20 x 440ml cans of Carlsberg and/or Fosters that can be had for only £10. Don’t worry if that seems a lot – because it isn’t. Not for the Bitterwallet boys anyway...

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, midlandscomics and niceynicey)

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