HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday the Christmas Eve of December

hukd_logob1 With just a handful of shopping minutes left until Christmas, here’s some bargains that you’ve got zero chance of getting before the big day. But HotUKDeals never closes and we’re already looking to the future.

Incidentally, we’ve been compiling a huge list of January sales that have kicked off early – click here for a closer look.

564434You’ve got it all sorted – your new HD telly is going to be unveiled on Christmas Day, either as a present to a special someone or as a big fat gift to your big fat self. Why not, you’ve earned it.

But you can’t find an HDMI cable and that means no pin-sharp telly fun for you. You can either go to Currys and get one costing anything between £15-£40 or you can get one that will more or less work the same for £1.00. Your choice.

lebowski-jesusOkay, who fancies going bowling during the Christmas holidays? You do? Cool! And what if we told you that we could all go bowling (maximum twelve of us) for just 1p each? Even better!

What if we told you that we would have to do our bowling between 9.00 and 9.30 in the morning for the offer to apply? You know, a time of day when at this time of year you’ll probably be looking in the mirror and apologising profusely to yourself? You don’t want to play any more? Wimp.

564440If you do go bowling, you might need to invest in some appropriate footwear, what with the weather being a bit rank right now. Your bowling shoes certainly won’t be in any fit state by the time we all meet up.

So you might like to invest in a pair of smart Town & Country premium wellington boots, knee high wellies that normally retail for around the £35 mark. We’ve found them for just £10 delivered. (Here it comes) Fill your boots!

Oh, and happy Christmas!

(deals found by HUKD users Elfa, amanda f and mumbojumbo)

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  • Rubisco
    Actually, Currys allow you to pay up to £150 for an HDMI cable. £40 is the minimum they'd like you to spend. They do sell £15 HDMI cables, but they're conveniently displayed away from the tellies in the computing section.

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