HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 19th August

hukd_logob1 It's Thursday! It's the 19th August! That must mean it's time for Thursday 19th August's HotUKDeals Of The Day! You lot can hardly believe you're born, can you?

Here for you, to enjoy while you bolt down a chinese for tea and neck a bottle of Corona (yeah, you bought a lime in the big shop for your drink - you're that classy), are the three hottest deals of the day - and the first requires your immediate attention, because you need to be up with the larks in the morning:

Bitterwallet - The Sun

It'll be burning at over 1,000 degrees shortly - it's a fiver off your shopping when you spend £40 or more at Tesco. The only catch - you have to buy tomorrow's Sun for your voucher.

No word on whether it has to be spent online or can be used in-store, or whether there are restrictions on product lines, but it's certainly worth a look.

Next up, a gold-plated HDMI cable, all 2.4 metres of it, for just £1.99 del at Amazon. Carumba! No need to pop along to PC World and be cajoled into parting with £50 for the thing now.

We've taken a quick gander, and we're convinced that the highlights are the 30AWG oxygen-free copper wire, fully shielded cable for maximum rejection of RFI & EMI and double layer PVC. It says here.

Finally, if you want to salvage something of this miserable summer, there's 60% off Alton Towers tickets - that's £15 to you, skipper.

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, tuli 123 and lady7blue)


  • Priscilla B.
    Congratulations Bitter Wallet! Your editor Paul Nikkel has won 2nd place in the Blarghgog Awards 2010! Please e-mail us an address to receive your prizes and to indicate what charity you'd like the monetary prize to go to. Thanks! Pris, admin at
  • Priscilla B.
    Woopsie, link isn't working! Here's the URL for pasting - We're also glad to present the prestiguous accolade in person at a public conference. Well done Paul Nikkel, and well done the Bitter Wallet staff & community for being so polite, wonderful and welcoming. Alton Towers isn't even in the same league as the rollercoaster ride of browsing Bitter Wallet...scrollllling up and down sharply woooo! -Pris, admin at
  • Jonny S.
    Oh look another one of those self important people. I mean admin stuff, must be important right? Hello Priscilla! Your blog continues to astound and bore the living shite out of us! Thank you for proving that humans can often know absolutely no limits to arrogance!
  • Jonny S. I mean the guy even looks like a cock!
  • Nobby
    The made up woman. We all know she is a man using a photo downloaded off the internet.

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